“This way of living and eating is so much more comfortable and less restrictive. This method works because it gives me tools to apply what I already know about eating and exercise. It acknowledges that I am an intelligent woman and makes me feel in charge of my own body and emotions.”
“I’ve been to more than my fair share of workshops, seminars, conferences, and retreats but my five days in Carefree was by far the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had for self-care, self-empowerment, and self-awareness. LOVED IT!!!”
“This workshop exceeded my expectations and affected me deeply and personally.”
“Michelle put the audience of physicians at ease and engaged us in an intriguing discussion about nutrition and health. Her talk was a true masterpiece!”
“Excellent opportunity to expand not only your knowledge but also skill sets for meeting your patients’ needs. Am I Hungry? offers a genuinely unique and incredibly valuable alternative to ineffective dieting.”
“This program addresses the real reasons we overeat and gives us tools to overcome them. Most other programs are just surface level. It’s a long journey but I have a good start.”
“Am I Hungry? is a real differentiator for our company. The philosophy of empowering employees to make choices is very different from the programs that focus on what you can and cannot eat.”
“I was looking for a program that would help me to get out of that never ending diet cycle. Am I Hungry? has truly helped me to take charge of my eating.”
“This training gave me the tools to share a simple, but radical, concept: We all deserve and can achieve a health-centered, peaceful relationship with food and our bodies.”
“The Am I Hungry? retreat was absolutely life changing for me. If you are tired of thinking, planning, and reacting to food in the same old way, and want to learn how to live a bigger, beautiful life, this retreat is for you.”
“Dr. May’s program is an effective strategy that can prevent and reverse chronic disease.”
“The Am I Hungry? program is one of the most comprehensive trainings I’ve received. It provided me with the tools to get started immediately. I have knowledge, tools, and support to begin working with an individual client or workshop participants. I highly recommend this program.”
“If you are considering this workshop, take it! It’s very powerful. You will learn so much and feel very comfortable in the group.”
“I loved the modeling of gentle, respectful ‘Isn’t that interesting?’ insights that helped me apply these concepts to my own journey.”
“Thanks for opening my eyes to a problem I have been fighting with all my life. The concepts I learned from Am I Hungry? have helped me in all areas of my life.”
“The Mindful Eating for Binge Eating Retreat is masterfully and lovingly created to move you through the process of saying goodbye to bingeing and hello to living!”
“Dr. May’s mindful eating message resonates with people and provides a refreshing, positive, empowering approach that fits all lifestyles. We look forward to integrating this into the culture here. Her visit created the ripple effect we hoped it would.”
“This program is precisely what I have been searching for. I highly recommend the training to any professional dedicated to improving the quality of life of their clients. “
“If you are tired of food being the center of your life and want to be free to enjoy the rest of your life – this retreat is for you.”
“Am I Hungry? is by far the most enlightening, thought provoking, forward thinking education about eating. By listening to my body and understanding its needs, I have been able to enjoy eating and exercising without feeling restricted or punished. My whole outlook is brighter!”
“People are stopping to think before they eat and asking, ‘Am I hungry? Why am I eating this food?'”
“After a lifetime of dieting using many of the most well-known programs out there, I found Am I Hungry? refreshingly wise…something I can actually live with.”
“Dr. May’s unique way of addressing food and eating issues obviously resonated with many employees in the audience.”
“Excellent format to help someone passionate about this work deliver the message of mindful eating and overall health and wellness in a credible, evidence-based, professional manner.”
“This was the BEST program that I have participated in at work. I learned a lot about myself and the skills to live, eat, and manage my life.”
“I came to this retreat looking for a totally new perspective and I found it. I feel like I’ve begun a whole new life.”
“Am I Hungry? supports permanent change on so many levels. It is not just food and nutrition; it’s about nurturing myself. I loved it!”