Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

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About Am I Hungry?


What is Am I Hungry?

The short answer is that Am I Hungry?® is a way to think about the hundreds of decisions you make every day that affect your eating, activity, and overall health. Although it is a deceptively simple question, asking “Am I hungry?” opens the door to a greater understanding about why, when, what, how, and how much you eat, and where you invest your energy.

As a company, Am I Hungry? offers programs, training, retreats, and resources to help you and your clients, patients, and/or employees recognize and take charge of those decisions for a sustainable, balanced lifestyle.

Am I Hungry? is the end of yo-yo dieting

Whether you (or your clients, patients, or employees) have struggled with yo-yo dieting, diabetes self-management, binge eating, bariatric surgery, or finding a balanced relationship with food, you have probably experienced the “eat-repent-repeat” cycle.

Perhaps you feel that you’ve tried “everything” to end your struggle with food. However, that usually means you’ve tried various forms of restriction, hyper vigilance, and fear-based motivation to gain control over your eating. Since willpower if a limited resource, it becomes harder and harder with each passing day. Since the vast majority of programs do not adequately address why you eat in the first place, ultimately, nothing really changes. When the diet ends (and it always does), you go back to doing what you did before. You feel guilty and blame yourself, even though a negative, superficial approach is destined to fail. So you try another one. Eat. Repent. Repeat.

Am I Hungry? is different. Using a simple model called the Mindful Eating Cycle (developed by Am I Hungry? founder Michelle May, M.D.), you learn how to be in charge of your eating decisions without restriction, deprivation, or guilt.  With Am I Hungry? you’ll…

  • Finally understand why diets don’t work for you or most other people
  • Discover simple yet powerful internal tools for knowing when, what, and how much to eat
  • End mindless and emotional eating
  • Find out how to eat the foods you love without guilt-and without bingeing
  • Stop obsessing about food, eating, and your weight and free yourself to live the big, vibrant life you crave
  • Learn the truth about nutrition without confusing, arbitrary rules
  • Never again exercise to earn food or punish yourself for eating
  • Boost your metabolism and increase your energy and fitness painlessly
  • Nourish your body, mind, and spirit to build your health, energy, and joy

Become the expert in you!

You have a choice. You can continue to try every diet, program, or meal plan that comes along, only to overeat again when you begin to feel deprived, bored, or hungry. Or you can learn a whole new set of mindful eating skills to break your eat-repent-repeat cycle and live the big, vibrant life you crave. (Read a few personal stories to see how Am I Hungry? has helped other people like you.)

Understanding your personal eating pattern is a powerful first step toward meaningful transformation. First take the Eating Cycle Assessment then find the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program that’s right for your body and your life.
All of our program options were created to help you learn mindful eating skills and empower you to relearn your body’s natural ability to eat what you need so you’ll feel great. You’ll also learn to meet your needs in other, more productive ways than eating. Our mindful eating programs are offered in a variety of learning formats to accommodate your lifestyle and schedule.

Perhaps you are a health, wellness, or HR professional who wants to help others learn these life-changing mindful eating skills. Great! Train with us and we’ll provide you with all of the skills, tools, and materials you’ll need to share the powerful Am I Hungry? mindful eating approach and widen your circle of influence.