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Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Articles

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Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Articles


A Non-Diet, Weight-Neutral, Mindfulness-Based Approach to Optimal Well-Being
How to Make Sense of Your Eating Issues
How Am I Hungry? Is Changing the Way the World Thinks About Eating
I Can’t Tell If I’m Hungry: How to Tell When You’re Hungry
Love-Hate Relationship with Food
Why a New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight Doesn’t Work


January 2018: Out with the Old, In with the New
February 2018: When you know better, do better!
March/April 2018: How to Overcome a Fear of Hunger
May/June 2018: #AskAmIHungry
July 2018: How Do I Eat Mindfully On Vacation?
August 2018: Mindful Eating is an Amazing Journey! 
September 2018: How do I manage food sensitivity issues without triggering restrictive eating?
October 2018: Candy, and Cookies, and Pie… Oh My!

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December 2017: Three Ways to Handle Triggers for Holiday Eating
November 2017: Gratitude for the Struggle
September 2017: Are your unexamined beliefs driving your unwanted behaviors?
August 2017: Mind Full Eating Is Not Mindful Eating
July 2017: Are old beliefs causing cravings or overeating?
June 2017: I can’t eat what I love without overeating!
May 2017: Goals vs. Intentions
April 2017: Hunger Doesn’t Follow a Clock
March 2017: What is the Difference between Am I Hungry?, Intuitive Eating, & HAES?
February 2017: Your Relationship with Food
January 2017: Mindful Eating in a Diet-Obsessed Culture


December 2016: Let There Be Peace with Food
October 2016: Mindful Eating and Weight Loss: Setting the Record Straight
September 2016: I Can’t Tell if I’m Hungry
August 2016: A Compassionate Response to Emotional Eating
July 2016: Mindful Eating on Vacation
June 2016: 7 Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Strategies That Help You “Eat Better”
May 2016: Top Ten Reasons to Stop Dieting
April 2016: Mindful Eating with Health Issues
March 2016: A Diet by Any Other Name is Still a Diet!
February 2016: Six Steps to Self-Acceptance
January 2016: Don’t Panic Mindful Eating is a Long-Term Investment


December 2015: What if We Aren’t Craving More Food?
November 2015: How Long Does It Take To Learn To Eat Mindfully?
October 2015: The Awareness Journal: A Fly on the Wall
September 2015: Freshman 15
August 2015: If You Love To Eat, Act Like It!
July 2015: Transforming Your Relationship With Food
June 2015: Cravings 101
May 2015: Got Cravings? 3 Words to Eliminate
April 2015: How to Turn Mindful Eating Into a Diet
March 2015: Exercise: The Best Medicine
February 2015: Act As If
January 2015: The Big Lie: When/Then


December 2014: Don’t Be Good. Feel Good!
November 2014: Get Off of The Tightrope and Onto the Path!
October 2014: Emotional Eater? Label the Behavior Not Yourself!
September 2014: Is Sugar Addiction Real? A friendly, informal debate
August 2014: 5 Secrets to 15 Years
July 2014: What Inspires You?
June 2014: Cheap Sunglasses
May 2014: 10 Things Fitness Instructors Should Stop Saying
April 2014: Arrogance of Dieting
February 2014: Be Your Valentine
January 2014: From Chaos to Calm: From Mindful Eating to Binge Eating


December 2013: Could This Be the Year?
November 2013: Not Another “How to Cut 300 Calories from Thanksgiving Dinner” Article
October 2013: Rewire Your Brain
September 2013: Part 1: Heal Your Relationship with Food
September 2013: Part 2: Heal Your Relationship with Your Body
August 2013: From Too Perfect to Good Enough
June 2013: FreeTreat: Stay-at-Home Retreat
May 2013: Overeating Trigger #2: Boredom
April 2013: Overeating Trigger #1: STRESS
March 2013: It’s Not Funny
February 2013: A Love Letter to Myself
January 2013 : Not Exercising? Lower the Bar


December 2012: The 12 Gifts of Mindful Eating
November 2012: What to Do When You Overdo It
November 2012: How Mindful Eating Becomes Mindful Living
October 2012: Different Shades of Grey
September 2012: Hate the Scale? Love Your Body
August 2012: 4 Critical Lessons for Mindful Eating
July 2012: Bariatric Surgery: It’s STILL Not About the Food
June 2012: Stop! Don’t Pull that Trigger
May 2012: I Want My Body Back!
April 2012: Dining with Myself …Uh Oh
April 2012: What is Mindfulness and How Does It Help with Diabetes Self-Management?
March 2012: Do I Have  Binge Eating Disorder?
February 2012: Be Your Valentine: 7 Gifts for the Love of Your Life – YOU!
January 2012: Six Surprisingly Small Resolutions


December 2011: Rewrite Those Ridiculous Holiday Eating Tips
November 2011: Thankful for Food: The Great Connector
October 2011: Want Candy? Is it a Trick or Treat?
September 2011: Ending Weight Stigma: Ban the Bully from Your Brain
August 2011: Italian Treadmill: Do What You Love, Love What You Do
July 2011: Sensuous Eating
June 2011: Overcoming Your Past
May 2011: Do You EatSpeak?
April 2011: Embrace Emotional Eating
March 2011: Dr. May on Dr. Oz – Exploring the Power of the Mind
February 2011: Cure for Chocoholics: Eat Fearlessly!
January 2011: Old Habits Recreate the Past Again and Again


December 2010: Can You Really Lose Weight with Mindful Eating (and Does It Matter)?
November 2010: A Foodie’s Guide to Holiday Eating
October 2012: Are You Gambling with Your Well-Being?
August 2010: Duck Your Cravings
July 2010: Eat, Learn, Live: Life Lessons Learned
June 2010: Going Bananas: Weird Thoughts about Food
May 2010: Check Your Fuel Gauge Before You Fill Up
April 2010: Regret and Her Horrible Twin, Guilt
March 2010: How to Enjoy a Cruise – Without Going Overboard
February 2010: You’re Not the Boss of My Body: Support Healthy Habits in Children
January 2010: Roller Coaster or GPS? Take Our New Eating Cycle Quiz to Find Out!


December 2009: Recipes: Overeating and Mindful Eating
November 2009: Handling Holiday Head Hunger
October 2009: The Trick to Managing the Treats
September 2009: Interview with Michelle May, M.D., Author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat