Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle

We get it. You’ve tried it all.

Maybe you’ve attended weekly meetings, eliminated entire food groups, logged your food and exercise into an app, followed prescribed meal plans, or any of a thousand other “solutions.” But where has all that gotten you? Frustrated, guilty, and even more focused on food than you were before?

There may be one expert you haven’t listened to yet… the expert in YOU! The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program will show you how.

The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program will help you:

  • Finally understand why diets don’t (and won’t) work for you or most other people.
  • Discover simple yet powerful methods for knowing when, what, and how much to eat without restriction.
  • End mindless and emotional eating.
  • Consistently eat the foods you love without guilt – and without bingeing.
  • Learn how to balance eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment.
  • Never again exercise to earn food or punish yourself for eating.
  • Nourish your body, mind, heart, and spirit to build the vibrant life you crave!

Stop obsessing about food, eating, and weight.

The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program provides you with the tools and strategies to make the best decisions for yourself. Free yourself to live the full life you crave! Next steps…