Mindful Eating Training for Yoga Instructors

Mindful eating—eating with intention and attention—provides a practical, universal approach to decision-making without restriction, deprivation, or guilt. Yoga is a wonderful complement to the practice of mindful eating because simply put, practicing yoga is the art of listening to yourself. Working with the body through yoga connects you with your spirit, while unraveling the physical, mental, and emotional knots that bind you and blind you from your true nature.

Yoga enables us to explore mindfulness and change our perspective and relationship to food, appearance, and physical activity. It teaches us to appreciate what our bodies are capable of, to learn to listen to our bodies’ signals and honor them to best meet our needs.

More information Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating and Yoga Instructor Training

This training is beginning in the Spring, 2018 for yoga instructors who want to offer mindful eating workshops combined with yoga classes to embody the lessons. Please fill out the form in the right side bar to download the information packet.

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Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat

Our next Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat is in Carlsbad, California, May 9-13, 2018. Read more…

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