Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Are you afraid mindful eating won’t work for you?

Michelle May


Our new VIP (Very Invested Participant) Program is growing quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited! But what I am most excited about is that each person who has already joined us is truly invested and ready to grow too!

Of course, I recognize this VIP Program is not for everyone. And that’s OK. The way I see it…

  • If you already have a great relationship with food, you don’t need this program!
  • If you are not ready to REALLY look beyond the scale to understand why you do what you do (instead of trying harder to do what you’ve always done), then this is not the right time for you.
  • If you feel that you must try one more diet first, go ahead.

Will this work for you?

Maybe you’re hesitating to register for the VIP Program because although it sounds great, you are afraid that mindful eating won’t work for you. The truth is, I can’t guarantee that it will.

But, if you don’t take action and give yourself the opportunity to look at eating in an entirely new way, I can guarantee that it won’t! And year after year, you will find yourself continuing to struggle with the same eating challenges.

Your fears and doubts

What are the fears and doubts people have about learning to manage their eating without restriction and deprivation? In other words, can you really learn to eat joyfully, fearlessly, mindfully, and with the intention of fueling the big, vibrant life you crave?

1. If I give up logging food, I’m afraid I’ll lose control!

You won’t lose control, but you’ll happily give up control because you’ll learn to be in charge instead.

You see, being in control is about holding on tight, obsessing, worrying, thinking about food (or not eating food) all the time, and using too much of your attention and energy on something that should be completely natural and nearly effortless!

In Solution 1: Trust Your Body Wisdom you’ll learn how to be in charge instead of trying to stay in control all the time. What’s the difference? Being in charge means you make conscious decisions based on what’s right for you in the present moment. You don’t have to look food up and write food down. You don’t need to know ahead of time what’s on the menu or decide what you’re going to eat for dinner before you even have breakfast. It means you can eat birthday cake without saving up—or denying yourself afterward.

I know that might sound impossible or even scary, and I don’t blame you for feeling afraid. “They’ve” taught you that you need rules. And you’ve proved “they” were right by losing control. But what “they” didn’t tell you (or maybe don’t even know!) is that one of the major reasons you lose control is because of all those rules!

Try this: Every time you feel like eating, pause to notice whether you are hungry. Can you tell? What symptoms do you have? How hungry are you? (Use the Hunger and Fullness scale I taught you about in this video.) If you aren’t hungry, do you know why you feel like eating? Do you know what to do?

The VIP Program will give you answers to all these questions and much, much more!

And I promise: You’ll relearn how to use your natural signals of hunger and satiety to guide your eating—and what to do when you want to eat anyway.

2. Sometimes I feel like I’m addicted to food!

I get it! During my 20+ years of yo-yo dieting, I felt like I was addicted to food too!

When I’d finally give in and eat the foods I was craving but wasn’t supposed to have, it was SO hard to stop eating them.

Of course it was! I kept telling myself, I shouldn’t be eating this! I won’t eat this again! I’ve already blown it, so I might as well eat it all and start over tomorrow!Of course I felt powerless!

It’s not like that anymore! I can eat what I love without fear of losing control. And you can too!

During Solution 2: Learn to Eat Fearlessly, you’ll learn how to eat what you love. I’ll give you strategies for making decisions about eating no matter where you are or what is happening. (Be sure to watch this video for 3 questions to ask yourself.) You’ll learn how to balance eating for health with eating for pleasure. We’ll work on your specific health goals and much, much more!

Try this: Notice how often you think of foods as good or bad (whether you eat them or not); whether you avoid (or try to avoid) something you really, really want; whether you feel like you are “out of control”; and/or how often you are thinking about food even when you’re not hungry.

Stop “white-knuckling it” because you’re afraid of losing control around certain foods (sugar, bread, chips, pizza, and on and on). It doesn’t have to be like that… unless you prefer to hold onto that fear instead of trusting there might be another option.

3. I eat my emotions.

Lots of people do! In fact, emotional eating is a normal part of human behavior.

The problem comes when you aren’t able to interpret your emotions and meet your true needs. When you eat instead of dealing with whatever caused the urge, you are missing an opportunity to take care of yourself. No wonder you don’t feel your best! And no wonder the urge to eat keeps coming back! (Did you see my video about the two buckets?)

In Solution 3: Meet Your True Needs, you’ll learn how to identify, name, manage, and decode your emotions. We’ll explore your specific triggers for eating and how to meet your real needs better than food ever could.

Try this: Notice when you feel like eating but you aren’t hungry—or feel like continuing to eat past the point of comfort. Do you know why? What might you need instead?

Many of us didn’t learn the language of emotions in childhood. Instead, we learned to power through, pretend everything was fine, then eat in secret. You deserve better than that!

4. It sounds too good to be true.

If I hadn’t been living a vibrant life free of the eat-repeat-repent cycle for more than two decades, I might not believe it was possible either!

And if I hadn’t taught thousands of others how to free themselves and live their vibrant lives, I might not be so passionate about teaching you how to do it too!

During Solution 4: Live Your Vibrant Life, we’ll explore the behaviors that support your optimal well-being and peel back the layers on how lasting change takes place. We’ll strengthen your self-care voice and give you an inside-out approach to caring for you body, mind, heart, and spirit.

I’m not saying it’s easy. You’ve practiced your old habits for decades, so the underlying causes are now mostly invisible to you.

But with an experienced guide to help you uncover your outdated beliefs and teach you new ways to think, feel, and act, you will be amazed at how you can replace eating with living your vibrant life.

Try this: Notice your self-talk. What are you whispering to yourself about your appearance, your eating, your physical activity, and your worthiness? How do these thoughts make you feel? Are they helping or hurting you?

Here’s what Alessia said about her break-throughs:

What I have most appreciated about group coaching is the discovery that I am not alone in dealing with my problems with food. In other people I found a piece of myself. Their story was partly mine too. And in their sharing, I could understand patterns with food I had been carrying for a lifetime. Listening to other people has helped me to be more human, more loving and compassionate, able to accept their vulnerability and mine, to love that part that is struggling but which is trying hard to heal and make peace. All under the attentive, patient, loving and wise presence of Michelle who helps us find the most functional answers and strategies for each of us.

What are your fears or doubts?

If you have questions about our VIP Program or have fears and doubts about whether this could “work” for you, please post them below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Calling all VIPs!

Are you a very invested person? Then join us! When you register by October 1st, you’ll also get a 30-minute private coaching session with Michelle May during each 4-week session!

Click here to learn more and register.

Hurry! Bonuses go away on Friday, October 1st!

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