Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Perfectly Imperfect

Charlene Rayburn

Am I Hungry? Motivational Companion CardsI’ve recently started the weekly practice of randomly pulling one of the Am I Hungry? Motivational Companion Cards and placing it on my refrigerator door. Each time I open the refrigerator it reminds me to reflect on the card’s message, and keeping it there for the week allows me to ruminate on it and let it sink in.

This week’s card helped me realize the progress I’ve made since starting the program. It no longer feels like an affirmation to help me change my thinking, but rather a confirmation of how I actually do feel now. And I experienced a calm reassurance as I read it.

“Perfection isn’t possible or necessary! Mistakes are a necessary part of my journey… I won’t miss the lessons. Every mistake brings me closer to discovering what works for me.”

That so accurately describes my daily experience now, perfectly imperfect. And that is how my growth and healing continue. Somehow it has never felt more perfect.

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