Creating Connection: Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit

Tree-pose-Devils-Bridge-SedonaDo you want to invest more of your energy creating the life you crave? Retreat with us to explore mindful eating, yoga, and vibrant living!

Mindful eating—eating with intention and attention—provides a practical, universal approach to decision-making without restriction, deprivation, or guilt. Yoga is a wonderful compliment to the practice of mindful eating because simply put, practicing yoga is the art of listening to yourself.

This retreat weaves together the Am I Hungry? mindful eating approach with yoga techniques to give participants a greater connection to their body, mind, heart, and spirit. Download the complete Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat information and registration packet to learn more!

Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat

yoga-on-the-rocksWhat: 5 day/4 night mindful eating and yoga retreat
When:  Sunday to Thursday, March 5 – 9, 2017
Where: Poco Diablo Resort in Sedona, Arizona
Who: Men and women, age 18 and up. Prior experience with Am I Hungry? isn’t necessary. This retreat is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners – from those who are early in their practice of yoga to those with an experienced practice. We will also offer Mindful Eating and Yoga Instructor Training; stay tuned for more details!
Why: Working with the body through yoga connects you with your spirit, while unraveling the physical, mental, and emotional knots that bind you and blind you from your true nature.

Download the complete Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating and Yoga Retreat information and registration packet.

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This mindful eating and yoga retreat includes:

  • Down-dog-Cathedral-Rock-SedonaAm I Hungry? Mindful Eating workshops facilitated by Michelle May MD, RYT
  • Memorable mindful eating experiences
  • Daily yoga practice with Jessie Dwiggins RYT
  • 5 days/4 nights lodging and amenities
  • Hiking in the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona, Arizona
  • Password access to our private portal
  • Time to relax, restore, and renew!
  • Continuing education credits available for psychologists, registered dietitians and yoga instructors.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

“Those five days at the retreat changed my life!” – Winter 2015 Retreat Participant. Read her full story here.

“This is unlike any plan for living well that you’ve ever encountered – it’s not a diet, it’s about living the life you deserve!” Winter 2016 Retreat Participant

“If you have ever felt guilty about what or how you have eaten, you need this retreat!” – Fall 2015 Retreat Participant

This was a profound experience. I have been to retreats before but this far surpassed my expectations. I would recommend giving this gift to yourself. It restores your mind, body, and spirit.” – Winter 2015 Retreat Participant

“Words can’t describe the feeling, the peace of mind. I feel satisfied and relaxed.” – Winter 2015 Retreat Participant“It will really help you, whatever your issues with food. Don’t waste your time on other things. Just go.” – Summer 2013 Retreat Participant

“This retreat was so amazing… It gave me a solid framework for remembering an intuitive way to eat.” – Fall 2015 Retreat Participant

“The retreat is a gift to your best self, the self that all too often has received only the leftovers of your emotional energy after you give first to everyone else you love. It is a way to love the most important person in your life – you!” – Summer 2011 Retreat Participant

“It is absolutely worth it. You are worth it.” – Summer 2014 Retreat Participant

“For me, this retreat was a wellness summer camp: Intense and focused! I didn’t realize how much I’ve been neglecting my body, mind, heart and spiritual wellness. This retreat pulled everything together to give me a plan and a purpose.” – Fall 2015 Retreat Participant

“The Am I Hungry® Mindful Eating program gives me the tools to share a simple, but radical, concept, given our weight-centered culture: we all deserve and can achieve a health-centered, peaceful relationship with food and our bodies. Michelle May M.D. shares my passion for healing damaged food and body relationships, reconnecting with the pleasure of eating, and finding joyful ways to move that feel good! Michelle is committed to developing materials, education and training that are grounded in science, which reflects the quality and integrity that are important to me.” – Camerin Ross, Ph.D.

“Excellent format to help someone passionate about this work deliver the message of mindful eating and overall health and wellness in a credible, evidence-based, professional manner. I would recommend this training to anyone—from those new in the field to the seasoned clinician!” – Amy Hanson-Akins, MSW, Eating Disorder Therapist

“This retreat will bring you personal peace about your body and food.” – Summer 2014 Retreat Participant

“Even though I had been teaching mindful eating to clients for five years, Am I Hungry? gave me new ideas, different ways to teach mindful eating concepts, and new language to explain mindful eating ideas.” – Katie Jeffrey, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, CDN, Sports Dietitian

“This was one of the best gifts I gave to myself – time to understand what my thoughts and beliefs are behind my food issues and learn strategies, solutions, better choices so I can live a more vibrant life.” – Fall 2015 Retreat Participant

“The Am I Hungry? Retreat is more than worth the investment of time and money. Being here will change the way you relate to food and enhance the rest of your life.” – Summer 2013 Retreat Participant

“One of my favorite parts was the opportunity to focus, distraction-free on my needs.” Winter 2016 Retreat Participant

“This retreat was the best thing I have ever done for myself. If you want to live your life with intention and joy, this is where you need to be.” – Winter 2012 Retreat Participant