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How eating out changed with mindful eating

By Lisa Beasley

We went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary last night. I was thinking about the differences since I began practicing mindful eating! Here’s how I feel now when we go out to eat versus how I used to feel.

1. I didn’t compare myself. In the past, I would sit there comparing myself to the younger, slimmer, more beautifully dressed people. “If only I looked like that,” I would think wistfully. I would look at them enviously and feel just a bit worse about myself.

guilt-free-dessert2. I chose what I wanted. I can’t pretend I didn’t do this before, because once I stopped dieting, I just ate whatever and whenever with no awareness. But yesterday, I studied that menu without a feeling of “I’ve got to really go for it because I won’t get this chance again.” Instead, it was, “What do I feel like?” My husband asked, “Shall we get olives as well?” and I declined because I simply didn’t want them. Previously, I would dive into the bread and olives – and I would eat all of them too.

3. There was no guilt. None at all. I had three courses (including dessert!) and I left some food when I’d had enough.

I bet there are people reading this who feel like I used to feel. You don’t need to! The Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program that I facilitate is amazing – and it works!!



About the author

Lisa Beasley is a qualified facilitator in the non-diet (weight neutral) Mindful Eating Programme that has enabled many clients make peace with food as created by Dr Michelle May. Lisa has a Psychology degree (BA Hons) and was a Midwife for 19 years where she took care of and supported mothers-to-be. She has a wealth of experience in supporting and counselling women in sensitive circumstances. Since 2016 Lisa has followed her passion to help women in a different way and has trained in NLP (Neuroscience-linguistuc programming) as well as becoming a facilitator in the Mindful Eating Programme she found so helpful personally. Lisa wants to help women stop dieting and become free from the emotional baggage surrounding food, dieting and body image that is ingrained in our culture. Lisa is also a Global Ambassador for The Body Image Movement and has hosted the Body Image documentary 3 times in her hometown of Bristol, in the UK. Lisa offers group Mindful Eating Group workshops in Bristol and one to one coaching in person or via Skype/zoom. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to find a happier place around food and your eating! You can read more at: www.mybodypositive.co.uk

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