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Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Weight Inclusive Patient Care Practices

Michelle May


As a physician, I am well-aware that healthcare has a weight-centric view. This contributes to ineffective weight loss advice, missed diagnoses, and weight stigma. In this article, I’ll share two new resource for helping clinicians make the shift to weight inclusive patient care practices: A fully referenced review article and a framework for making this change in clinical practice.

Weight Inclusive Care

I had the privilege of co-authoring a recent review article called, “The consequences of a weight‐centric approach to healthcare: A case for a paradigm shift in how clinicians address body weight.“(1)

The aim of this article is to make a case for a paradigm shift in how clinicians view and address body weight. In the review, we:

  • addressed common flawed assumptions in the weight‐centric approach to healthcare
  • reviewed the weight science literature
  • provided evidence for the negative consequences of promoting dieting and weight loss
  • offered practice recommendations for weight‐inclusive care.

If you’d like a copy of the article you may request a download here. (However, due to our agreement with the publisher, please do not share or republish the article.)

A framework for weight inclusive patient care practices

Click image to open full size view.

Since the “weight equals health” paradigm is widely accepted, making the shift to weight-inclusive care requires change on multiple levels.

For the clinician, it is helpful to think about these changes as a ripple, beginning with addressing their own weight bias, creating a safe, shame-free clinical environment, and tackling the systemic issues through a social justice framework.

Click the image on the right to enlarge the framework. If you would like to download the photo, click here. To download a pdf, click here. You are welcome to share it with your colleagues, in educational environments, on social media, and wherever you think it might be helpful.

Bring a weight-inclusive approach to your organization

And one more resource: I am passionate about sharing the data that convinced me to make the shift to a weight-inclusive approach. For an enlightening, entertaining, and eye-opening (in-person or virtual) presentation, please reach out to talk to me about your organization’s needs!


(1) Mauldin, K., May, M., Clifford, D. (2022). The consequences of a weight‐centric approach to healthcare: A case for a paradigm shift in how clinicians address body weight. Nutrition in Clinical Practice. https://doi.org/10.1002/ncp.10885

(2) Request a copy of the full article: https://qe145.infusionsoft.com/app/form/ncp-article-download

(3) Weight Inclusive Patient Care Practices graphic: Download a photo or Download a pdf.

(4) Listen to a 9-minute summary of the article by lead author Kasuen Mauldin.

(5) Bring Michelle May MD to your organization to present this topic: https://michellemaymd.com

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