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12 Gifts of Mindful Eating: Gift 6 – Sight

Michelle May


Sight is Gift #6 of the 12 Gifts of Mindful Eating. For 12 days, we are sharing a mini-mindful eating exercise to help you focus on the gift of each day. Each one is intentionally short, simple, and powerful.

The Gift of Sight

Gift-of-sight-feast-for-the-eyesSince we all have cameras in our pockets these days, taking pictures of our food has become a national past-time! I took this photo at an outdoor market during our trip to Italy. The colors and textures of this fresh fruit were a literal feast for the eyes!

But why wait until vacation to celebrate the gift of sight for making eating a multisensory experience!

A feast for the eyes!

Appreciate the beauty of food from nature.

  • Select a fresh vegetable, piece of fruit, or other food from nature.
  • Look at it closely.
  • Notice the colors, shapes, textures, symmetry, patterns, and other details.
  • Savor this feast for your eyes!

Combine the gift of sight with the gifts of aroma and taste for a true multisensory experience!

Day #7: The Gift of Connection

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