Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training


Dr. May gets it!

Mindful eating speaker Michelle May, M.D. gets it!

Highly rated mindful eating speaker, Michelle May, M.D., speaks widely to organizations, corporations, and associations about an innovative inside-out approach to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Mindful Eating Speaker Recommendations

Dr. Michelle May’s proven strategy for a mindful approach to lifestyle behaviors aligns well with our hospital system’s vision of “health care to health.” Dr. May translates science into every day practices that can improve health with prevention, health protection, and throughout the care continuum for patients, clients, and populations. UCHealth
The nurse practitioners from across the state of Maine were captivated by Dr. Michelle May and her message about nutrition, health, and self-care. And the thought-provoking discussions continued throughout the conference! We have never had a keynote speaker with such great reviews, positive comments, and so many requests to return. She is an engaging and gifted speaker with an important message for health care providers across this country. Maine Nurse Practitioner Association
Dr. May’s mindful eating message resonates with people and provides a refreshing, positive, empowering approach that fits all lifestyles. We look forward to integrating the mindfulness approach into the culture here at Atlantic Health System. Her visit created the ripple effect we hoped it would. Atlantic Health System
The supermarket dietitians from around the country so enjoyed what you had to say and told me that your message of eating mindfully is exactly what many of their shoppers need to hear! Shopping for Health

Michelle and Owen May were a perfect fit for our conference. With Michelle’s medical knowledge and Owen’s culinary expertise, the attendees received healthy eating for themselves, as well as their families, coupled with a live cooking demonstration. Michelle and Owen received high marks from the conference attendees. AgCarolina Farm Credit
Dr. May’s unique way of addressing food and eating issues obviously resonated with many employees in the audience. Oklahoma State University Employee Wellness Program
Every college campus NEEDS to hear Dr. May’s words of wisdom. Not only does her presentation present a powerful message that can dramatically change a college student’s relationship with food, but she shares the message in such an engaging way that the audience is hanging on her every word. Dr. May’s delivery is polished, energetic, and funny. My students shared that her talk was transformative in how they approach eating. Dawn Clifford, PhD, RD, Associate Professor Health Sciences, Northern Arizona University

Thank you Michelle! They loved you! Mikey Hoeven’s Women’s Wellness Expo

We are extremely grateful for Dr. May’s fabulous presentation and the indelible impression she left on our tight-knit community. Tanner Health System

Michelle-May-book-signingBringing healthy and accessible messages like yours strengthens our role as a partner in improving the health of our citizens and the quality of life in the communities we serve. Valley West Community Hospital

I highly recommend this seminar to other healthcare professionals and any community or corporate groups who desire a great speaker o health and wellness. Yuma County Dental Study Club

People are stopping to think before eating and asking “Am I hungry? Why am I eating this food?” Fairbanks Diabetes Center

Thank you, Dr. May, for visiting Baptist Easley and helping us make a difference in the health and lives of our employees and their families. Baptist Easley Hospital

Since your presentation, we often get participants in our Community Wellness classes that mention how much of an impact your program had on them. This tells us that not only are they listening, but they are anxious to hear more. As health care providers, that is priceless.  Valley West Community Hospital

Michelle is a gifted speaker, passionate about her purpose and philosophy. It’s easy to imagine great multitudes of people who learn from, and resonate with, her message. – Julie Six, Coordinator, A4M Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine

Your presentation proved to be very timely and pertinent to the diverse group in attendance. We received great feedback. Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians

Mindful-Eating-ExperienceI am still receiving notes of praise from participants concerning your insights, knowledge, professionalism and ability to retain the interest of over one hundred people for an entire day. Your ability to draw upon personal experiences to illustrate key points made the presentation come even more alive and your keen sense of humor sparkled throughout the meetings. TOPS Club Inc.

Dr. May designed a highly interactive session and coordinated the presentation around a dinner meal to highlight key aspects of the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Cycle. Her sense of humor and personal experience interweave naturally throughout and support her topic in fun and interesting ways. Arizona Dietetics Association Central District

Michelle put the audience of physicians at ease and engaged us in an intriguing discussion about nutrition and health. The talk was a true masterpiece…and made the program chair look like a genius! Montana Academy of Family Physicians

Your contribution truly encouraged everyone to embrace the theme ‘Investing in Your Health!’ and nourish their body with the food they love. LA Best Babies Network

You have a gift for engaging your audience in a way that keeps them entertained while learning valuable information at the same time. You have most definitely created a buzz, which was our intention. LifeCare Medical Center

The workshop was presented in an entertaining, engaging way that the audience could relate to. Arizona State University Alumni Association

Michelle-May-mindful-eating-speakerShe presented a positive approach…and messages of balance, variety, and moderation in a healthy diet. Idaho Dairy Council

I loved seeing all of our physicians and guest so entertained and engaged in the learning process. Maryland Academy of Family Physicians

You were a pleasure to work with from beginning to end and delivered a superb program. Feedback from participants has been a unanimous chorus of fantastic, awesome, excellent. University of Oklahoma

Your level of professionalism and the easy, comfortable manner in which you address and engage the audience fit very well with our overall goal of providing quality medical education in an environment that encourages optimum participation. New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. May’s service has been valuable, important and contributory to the national CME landscape. American Academy of Family Physicians

Michelle-May-wellness-speaker…electric and captivating presentation style. She is a gifted presenter in addition to her vast expertise and background. Americans in Motion
Dr. May’s program is an effective strategy that can reverse chronic disease and prevent onset. Athens County Health Department
By helping individuals look at why we eat what we eat, we begin to get at the root causes of this epidemic. Ball Memorial Hospital
Our participants were able to walk away from your presentation and immediately use your information. Constellation Energy
Thank you for bringing this new and fresh approach to optimal health, energy and joy! National Speakers Association

Mindful Eating Keynote and Workshop Participant Comments

  • Dr. May is an engaging speaker. Her presentation offered excellent information that I will use in my professional and personal life. Please invite her back! – Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Annual Diabetes Conference
  • Your presentation affected me deeply, personally and professionally. You are a real pioneer and creative thinker and will have a real impact on this obesity epidemic. You have inspired me today in a very significant way! -Marsha M., Member, California Academy of Family Physicians
  • It is most rewarding to me to find such a dynamic role model in presenting information that we all intrinsically suspected but just couldn’t articulate as cogently. -J. Behal, M.D.
  • Dr. May is real and warm. She makes you feel connected to her and cared about. –Laura Sands, ASBA
  • I have found myself asking more and more: Am I hungry? What a wonderfully simple but perfect concept. -Tom Hablitzel, Pharmacist
  • Thank you! I think your program is just what America needs! -Kay Atkins, Banner Health
  • Thank you for taking the time to chat with the attendees after your lecture. You were definitely a hit! -Jennifer Ainsworth, Meeting Planner, Antidote Education Company
  • This was so helpful clinically, not just for our patients, but for us. If we take better care of ourselves, we are much more equipped to help our patients! – Attendee, Women’s Health and Physician Wellness Conference
  • This was the single best event I attended at this conference. Superb! -Attendee, American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly
  • The best lecture in 27 years!!! -Attendee, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
  • Funny, and grounded in physiology, one of the best talks about weight management I’ve ever heard. -Attendee, Patient Education Conference
  • Dynamic speaker with profound knowledge. -Attendee, American Academy of Family Physicians Scientific Assembly
  • This was an outstanding conference. Michelle May is fantastic, motivating, and goal-oriented to make a difference in our society. Way to go! -Attendee, Veterans’ Administration

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