Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

3 Question Survey about Mindful Eating

Michelle May

We need your opinion please

These interesting results to our survey about mindful eating reveal how much you know, your interest in learning more, and how you learn best.

Purpose of this survey about mindful eating

To get the new year off to an amazing start, I am offering a live 8-week Mindful Eating webinar (facilitated by yours truly).

I only do this every few years, so I wanted to figure out how to best serve you…

Over 440 people have answered the three questions in this survey about mindful eating to help me design the program! Here’s what we learned…

1. What you know about the Mindful Eating Cycle

Most of you are familiar with the Mindful Eating Cycle, though many of you either aren’t quite sure how to use it or need a refresher.

What you know about the Mindful Eating Cycle

I’ve recorded this series of videos to explain more about how you can use the Mindful Eating Cycle to resolve your eating issues.

2. Your interest in managing your eating without dieting

Not surprising, nearly all of you would like to learn how to manage your eating without every going on another diet! Also not surprising, almost half would like more information, including what you’d need to invest. 12% are very interested but not very confident it could really work for you.

Your interest in learning mindful eating

We are putting together a program I believe you’ll love! Stay tuned for all the details…

3. How you learn best

Your favorite learning formats are spread across the board! Keeping in mind that you could select more than one answer, the majority of you like to listen and watch, followed by participating, and asking questions. About a third of you like to read and a third like to learn alongside others.

How you learn best

This information has been very useful for designing a program that incorporates your favorite learning modalities (HINT: I’ve included them all!)

Click here to read all about it!

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