Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

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Here’s what others have said about Am I Hungry? trainings:

“We just had our final class today and it was so rewarding hearing everyone share what has changed since they started the program. I am so lucky to be able to share the precious gift of mindful eating with the City of Mesa. I can’t thank you enough for developing this amazing program. It is life changing! I feel so grateful to be a facilitator.”

– Cassandra Coonts, BS, CHES

“I’ve just completed the Am I Hungry?  Mindful Eating for Students Instructor Training. What a fabulous course!”

– Wendy Simmons, M.S., L.M.T., ACSM and Wellness Coach certifications

“If I could do a rewind, the mindful eating piece would have been an imperative part of any nutrition and dietetic program now that I see the profound shifts that take place with my clients.” (Hear the rest of Jennifer’s interview.)

– Jennifer Hnat, RDN, LD

“The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program and Trainings have changed the course of my personal and professional life. I was introduced to the program while writing my master’s thesis on mindful eating and simultaneously trying to figure out my own relationship with food. Sick of religiously tracking and logging every calorie that crossed my lips (and, frankly, even the ones I was bargaining for), I enrolled in the 8-week program. I remember the day when I heard my inner voice of hunger and fullness speak up for the first time in a long time and I actually listened. It was also my last day on a diet; it was liberating! Plus, the mindful eating skills I’ve learned have helped me navigate the ups and downs of life; they’re relevant to so much more than just food. I went on to teach the skills professionally. They give purpose to my dietetics degrees in helping other people understand their relationship with food. Am I Hungry? is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” (Listen to this interview about Jessie’s journey.)

– Jessie Dwiggins, MS, RYT, Wellcoach

“I just finished teaching my first Am I Hungry? mindful eating workshop and it was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. The participants responded so well and I had a blast! Everyone was having tons of “ah-ha” moments, engaging in the discussion, sharing their personal experiences, laughing at all my corny jokes, and are all looking forward to next week. I am completely in love with this program and I am so excited to be teaching it. I want to participate in additional trainings and take this as far and as big as possible. Thank you so much for creating this program and for giving me the opportunity to facilitate these workshops. I’m feeling truly blessed.”

– Dawn Krapfel

“I have thoroughly loved coaching and teaching Am I Hungry? workshops. I have learned and grown so much through the experience of teaching and coaching mindful eating. Am I Hungry? is a great program! Thank you for all your support and help.”

Jane Joseph, RD, Certified Wellness Coach

“This training program was so wonderful. It has transformed my personal thought patterns on eating and has provided me with the skills I need to really help others heal their relationship with food. The course content is not only inspiring, but also very thorough and applicable to real-life situations.”

– Danielle Hagerty, PhD

“This program was top-notch. The Am I Hungry approach is a non-judgmental program that invites patients to find kindness and self-compassion in every bite of food.”

– Mary Beth Sodus, RD, LDN

“I work with clients who are challenged by emotional eating and this program is exactly what I needed to have a framework to work off of. This truly is a world class program and I highly recommend it!”

– Maria R., Holistic Coach

“This will change your life, your relationship with food and the relationship you have with YOU. This program will cause you to stop and think. Am I Hungry? will shake up what you think you know about nutrition and eating and shed light into and on how you view and even talk about food.”

– Christi Steely, RD, CSSD, LDN

“I just finished facilitating another round of the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program last night. I left the office feeling inspired and satisfied, as this workshop continues to touch people in such profound ways. The participants talked about how the skills they learned and the insights they gained apply to so much more than just eating! Thanks for all the work that you put into this program. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.”

– Gretchen Diem, Ph.D.

“I believe this training can change your life.”

– Susan Seitz, RN, CDE

“I loved the Mindful Eating and Yoga Training! So well organized and thorough and provides all the resources to take this as far as you want. The online format is a wonderful option because of its accessibility. I highly recommend this training program because it’s coming from a long-standing, well established, credible source, and it is a well-organized, program. Thank you so much!”

– Gabrielle Allison, RD, RYT

“The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating program gives me the tools to share a simple, but radical, concept given our weight-centered culture: we all deserve and can achieve a health-centered, peaceful relationship with food and our bodies. Michelle May, M.D. shares my passion for healing damaged food and body relationships, reconnecting with the pleasure of eating, and finding joyful ways to move that feel good! Michelle is committed to developing materials, education and training that are grounded in science, which reflects the quality and integrity that are important to me.”

– Camerin Ross, Ph.D.

“Not only do you learn an approach that resonates with people and reflects healthy living, you also get all the tools you need to implement it. Very well done.”

– Cristin Cooney, M.Ed, MCHES, CTTS

“The Am I Hungry? program is one of the most comprehensive trainings I have received. As a professional, it provided me with the tools to get started immediately. I have knowledge, tools, and support to begin working with an individual client or workshop participants. I highly recommend this program.”

– Ellen Cullman, Ph.D., Mindful Eating Coach

“I highly recommend this training. Not only will my patients benefit, I am personally trying to be more mindful in my daily living.”

– Melissa Romano, MS, RD, LDN, CDE

“The Training for Mindful Eating Coaching was well worth my time, energy and money. The facilitator kept the presentation lively and informative. I feel that I can now more easily guide my clients and help them re-learn to trust their natural eating rhythms. If your focus is helping clients with their relationship with food, you need to take this training!” (Listen to an interview with Lisa.)

– Lisa Capehart, Professional Coach, Exercise Physiologist

“Excellent opportunity to expand not only your knowledge but also skill sets for meeting your patients’ needs. Feel this offers a genuinely unique and incredibly valuable alternative”

– Beth Woodford, MD

“I highly recommend Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Diabetes Facilitator training. I have years of experience in working with people who have diabetes, weight cycling, and disordered eating habits. I found this workshop really connected the dots for me on how mindfulness can help improve all aspects of life. The rationale behind teaching techniques and communication skills was exceptional.”

– Betty Noland, BS, MS, RD

“This program has been a great experience for me. I have always taught variety, balance, and moderation so it was nice to have it affirmed in a well-recognized program. I can’t wait to get started and share the information with my participants. I appreciate knowing I still have support from the Am I Hungry Mindful Eating Program for any questions I will have in the future. I don’t feel I will be on this journey alone, but will continue to have staff to support me.”

– Georgianna Elliott, MA, RD, LD

“The Mindful Eating and Yoga Training was a very well done program. Yoga and mindful eating lend themselves so well as lenses through which we can examine ourselves more in-depth.”

– Amy Hillman-Siracusa, e-RYT

“I would highly recommend this training – it is professional, information-rich, and inspiring! The program material is extremely well presented and easy to follow…it truly exceeded my expectations.”

– Toni Harris

“The structure and content of the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Diabetes Facilitator training provides an alternative approach to diabetes management from regular diabetes information courses. A most worthwhile course.”

– Jane O’Shea, Accredited Practicing Dietitian

“I would recommend the training to anyone that is wanting to develop a new relationship with food, and increase their mindfulness not just in their yoga practice, but in life!  Thank you for helping me achieve both of those results!”

– Connie Henderson, M.A., RYT

“The Mindful Eating for Binge Eating Retreat and Training more than met my expectations! Never before have I attended a conference where I felt so fully engaged in the process.”

– Joan Mrozek, RN-BC, LCSW, MSW

“I would highly recommend this training program to any professional dedicated to improving the quality of life of their clients. This program is precisely what I have been searching for as a professional in the health and wellness industry.”

– Sandra Kelly, RN, CBN, CPT

“You can’t go wrong with this program! This Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Diabetes Facilitator training will enhance your life and empower those you serve with a mindful approach to living!”

– Kelley Raetzch, RD

“The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Binge Eating program is a beautiful bridge, allowing a therapist to in walk two worlds – food and mental health – gently and lovingly to facilitate and improve client movement forward toward their goals. I endorse it. I use it. I love it.”

– Josephine Ludwig, RPh, MA, LPC

“Am I Hungry? is one of the most organized and thorough trainings I have completed. The training also addressed marketing and putting on a successful workshop.”

– Elizabeth Schenk, BS, MBA

“This is a unique, positive program that just feels right.”

– Becky Andrew, MS, RDN, CDE

“I love this program and everything about it. My favorite parts were the philosophy of the program and Michelle and Kari’s enthusiasm, energy, and passion.”

– Donna Fletcher, LCSW

“The simple and straight forward body-mind-heart approach to eating and living vibrantly is not just another tool in the wellness toolkit. It may be THE tool for those who struggle with eating. We’re looking forward to sharing Am I Hungry? with our staff. Thank you!”

– Suzanne Dubose, RN, BSN, BS

“Excellent format to help someone passionate about this work deliver the message of mindful eating and overall health and wellness in a credible, evidence-based, professional manner. I would recommend this training to anyone-from those new in the field to the seasoned clinician”

– Amy Hanson-Akins, MSW, Eating Disorder Therapist

“We all can benefit from eating more mindfully. It will change your life.”

– Peggy Marchini, RDN, CDE

“Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Diabetes Facilitator training will help you help people with diabetes learn to be mindful in all they do to manage their diabetes. The book and training are SO positive when it comes to eating thoughtfully and approaches diabetes management with an openness toward learning about oneself and problem-solving. You will feel happy to be a part of mindful management!”

– Susan Clifford, RN, CDE

“The facilitator training is full of detailed information about each workshop as well as marketing. I also appreciate the online forum and access to marketing materials. Dr. May has a wonderful formula that works and she encourages facilitators to use their presenting style to make the program their own.”

-Sara Bernstein, LSW, Licensed Wellcoach

“This wonderful, insightful and inspirational program will not only help you change your clients’ lives for the better, YOU will be transformed in the process!  The ongoing support, tools and organization is ever-present from start to finish and beyond.  This program is delivered with warmth, integrity and top-notch professionalism.” 

– Lori Boothroyd, Ph.D.

“This program brings in a dimension to one’s relationship with food and physical activity that gets to the essential principles of trust, honesty, compassion with self in order to live a whole and vibrant life.”

– Cheryl D., Health Educator, Health and Wellness Coach

“I have just finished facilitating my first workshops and the participant feedback has been wonderful. So many lovely and encouraging messages. I found the experience so inspiring too–so positive. People moved from the eat-repent-repeat cycle to the mindful eating cycle; they found it thought-provoking and empowering, life changing, and are now able to be nourished and to be as meant to be.”

– Jane O’Shea, Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Australia

So often I’ve learned the material, but this time I FELT the material! It was easy to see that the instructors have a passion for helping people with Binge Eating. This is a well-designed program that allows for freedom of choice. I’m so excited to begin the process myself and finish the therapist training so I can help others.

– Jean Washington, LPC

“I would highly recommend it. I am impressed with the thoroughness of the program and resources available for facilitators. No stone has been left unturned, and the access to Michelle and her staff has been impressive.” 

– Amy Fuller, RYT

The Mindful Eating for Binge Eating Program is an excellent training opportunity and a therapeutic experience for anyone dealing with Binge Eating Disorder or struggling with emotional eating.

– Donna Woody, LCSW

“I loved the Am I Hungry? Facilitator Training. It took a lot of thoughts I had and coalesced them into a format that makes sense. I am excited about teaching the program and helping people.”

– Erica Griffin, MD

“Even though I had been teaching mindful eating to clients for five years, the Am I Hungry? Facilitator Training gave me new ideas, different ways to teach mindful eating concepts, great visual learning tools as well as new language to explain mindful eating ideas.” Read more…

– Katie Jeffrey, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN, CDN 

“With the emergence of DSM 5, there is a greater call for binge eating treatment. The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Binge Eating (ME-BE) Therapist Training delivers a comprehensive program that has been shown to eliminate binge eating symptoms in study participants. I highly recommend the ME-BE program: grounded in science, designed from experience, and tested for effectiveness.”

– Camerin Ross. Ph.D.

“I loved the program and found it to be inspiring and uplifting. It is a well-rounded healthy approach and comprehensive in that it covers emotions, nutrition, fitness, and mindful eating. I have a strong background in all of the above and it still it gave me many new ideas. I would recommend it, absolutely. I am thrilled to be a part of Am I Hungry?”

– Denise Cangiano, LMFT, Certified Wellcoach®; CPT

“Do not hesitate. It will be one of the best financial investment decisions both personally and professionally that you will make this year.” 

– Cheryl Davis, CPT

“What an amazing program! I’ve integrated these concepts into our programs for those considering medically supervised weight management and bariatric surgery. In a few shorts weeks, their thoughts and feelings are already changing. Through the Am I Hungry? workshops and principles, my patients/clients are much more in charge of their health for the long run, and feel empowered to become their best self to live life to the fullest!”

– Chad Shirar, MS, MBA, ACSM certified, Wellcoach

“I have been helping people find freedom from the bondage of the overeating/dieting cycle for years. Through Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program Facilitator Training, I have found new and excellent tools, resources, information, and inspiration. Michelle is a stellar teacher with a powerful message. I believe that this calling is about helping people get their lives back. Am I Hungry? will prepare, equip, and empower you for this noble mission.”

– Cindy Landham

“The Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program Facilitator Training ‘sealed the deal’ for me. Any questions I had about this approach were completely erased. It prepares facilitators completely and confidently to take this message of eating and living to the public. The materials are comprehensive and excellent. I know that I will be using this information for the rest of my career as a Family Physician and for the rest of my life personally. I (and hopefully all of my patients and participants to come) will never diet again!”

– Lori Hurst, M.D.

“Thanks from the bottom of my heart for making this evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral teaching available to me so I can share it with others!”

– Jill Rife, F.N.P.

“Michelle possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of mindful eating. Her spirit and enthusiasm are contagious. Not only did I learn a lot about myself, I learned invaluable skills in facilitation. I was pleased to find that we have access to professional quality resources that are customizable. Offering Am I Hungry? classes will be a breeze!  I would highly recommend Am I Hungry? Training to anyone interested in helping others reach their highest potential.”    

– Liz Blackgoat, RN, LMT

“Both personally and professionally I am enlightened and inspired. Michelle is truly a mentor, someone I identified with on a professional and personal level. She is an inspiring and effective trainer. I just can’t say enough how I am grateful for this experience!”

– Paige Gutheil, D.O.

“This Training gave me the tools to effectively help me and my clients normalize their relationships with food. I am so excited to begin putting these concepts to use with myself, my family and the community I serve.  Thanks!” 

– Beth Ann Beamer, R.N., B.S.N.

“Amazing workshop – exceeded my expectations. Very well organized and facilitated. The Training Manual and other materials provided an amazing amount of detail and options – very thorough and easy to use! Great energy throughout.”

– Jonna Reynolds, Certified Wellcoach

“The facilitator training was complete. Michelle, you left no topic untouched and ample time for questions and clarifications. The participants who came from various backgrounds made the training even more satisfying and interesting. Being able to practice the skills we will be teaching firsthand was a spectacular demonstration of the power of the messages of the Am I Hungry? Program. I left the training energized to start this new venture and felt more than adequately prepared to run my first workshop. The post-workshop support has been outstanding. Many thanks.”

– Ramona Seidel, MD

“‘I know what I should be eating, but I just don’t do it.’ This is a quote from many of my nutrition clients. I finally began to really understand that the gap between knowledge of nutrition and application was behavior. Am I Hungry? Training gave me exactly what I was searching for: a complete step by step process to aid my clients focus on what is really important, and the only answer to health and longevity – changing our mind set.”

– Laurel Puszert, B.S. Nutrition

“This program and the training were completely transforming for me.”

– Reva Kaufman

“Impressively well-organized. Michelle is genuine, polished, spontaneous – an excellent communicator!”

– Mary Delduca, M.D.

“As a health professional who has also had gastric bypass surgery, I quickly realized that they didn’t staple my brain! Am I Hungry? principles apply well to bariatric surgery patients and help them better use their tools and strengths to ensure optimal health.”

– Janine Kyrillos, M.D.

“Am I Hungry? Training was an incredibly rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. It opened my mind to my own issues with food and it taught me to use my “instincts” when dealing with them. Am I Hungry? is an intriguing and fascinating yet unique approach.”

– Jane Kelley, Manager of Health Education, CIGNA Medical Group

“Beyond my expectations. Michelle is a terrific instructor and the materials are more thorough and well put together than I could have hoped for. I feel well prepared to start a group.”

– Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, M.S., Certified Wellcoach

“As a family physician, I see all the complications – hypertension, diabetes, and premature arthritis and joint pain. The response to my first workshop was tremendous.”

– Patrick Flyte, MD

“Am I Hungry? Training was everything I had hoped for. We were given all the tools and the training to be successful Am I Hungry? Facilitators. It left me feeling motivated, empowered and confident that I could make a difference and teach what has helped me so much. Michelle and the others were wonderful and they thought of EVERYTHING we might need.”

– Monique Moore, M.S.

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