Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Support for your mindful eating resolutions

Michelle May

New YearHappy New Year!

In my last three posts, I shared a process for making lasting change:

Of course, change is a process, not a resolution! If you need a little inspiration (who doesn’t?), listen to my interview with Bernadette who says, “Food was something I treated myself to or tortured myself with!” She describes how the process of learning a new relationship with food changed every aspect of her life.

If, like Bernadette, you think you might benefit from some additional support in your process, please join our Mindful Eating Support Community. This vibrant community is for people who are ready to:

  • Break free of the bondage of chronic dieting, weight cycling, and/or overeating.
  • Make connections with other people working to resolve these issues too.
  • Learn new ways to think, feel, and act around food.
  • Free up your energy to focus on building the vibrant life you crave.

And check out this short video about our New Years Gift to you!

Bernadette’s story can be your story! Learn more and/or join our Mindful Eating Support Community HERE – but hurry because you have TWO DAYS ONLY to save $40 off the enrollment fee! This special ends at midnight, January 2nd!

Use this promo code to save $40 on Level 1 or 2 enrollment: Enroll40

Levels 1 and 2 include:

  • Online Mindful Eating Program (you had a little taste in the other videos)
  • Monthly Skill-Building Webinar on topics like stress, body image, etc. (You also get to watch the recordings from the most recent three webinars – including December’s “New Year’s Revolution”)
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Call with me.
  • Access to our private online community for support, questions, challenges
  • Level 1 ALSO includes TWO one-on-one mindful eating coaching sessions!
  • And much more… check it out: Mindful Eating Support Community

What will you be saying a year from now?

So what might happen if you say yes to this opportunity? Here’s what one member of our Mindful Eating Support Community posted last week:

Thanks so much for making this a great Christmas, Michelle and all of you who have supported me throughout the year. I am able to move away from the chocolate. I can eat one Trader Joe’s cookie, whereas last year, I was eating them by the sleeve. A little inner voice that I never knew I had is alerting me to, “You’ll feel gross if you eat that–how about a sparkling water instead?”

You too have an inner voice that guides your decisions about eating so you’ll feel good–without rules, restriction, or guilt! If you aren’t able to hear or follow that inner voice yet, please join our Mindful Eating Support Community to learn how!

So what will you be saying a year from now? “Thank you for helping me discover my inner voice!” or “Here I go again…”

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