Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Share your favorite Mindful Moments with us!

You asked, we listened!

Over the years, SO many of you have asked us for wallet-sized cards of our Mindful Moments. You've told us that you print them off, post them around your home and office, carry them around, and even write them on your hand! You've also said that you want reminders of the lessons you've learned from Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat and/or your Am I Hungry? Workshops.

Am I Hungry Logo - Eat Mindfully We've always loved the idea but could never figure out how to get all of this content in an easy to use format. Then I was at a conference recently and met someone who created a customized card deck. Perfect! For this new mindful eating resource, we get to make 52 cards, each with a critical concept or inspiring message that you can leaf through (like flash cards), carry with you for motivation, and/or post them where ever you need a reminder to think before you eat.

We have already filled 36 of the cards with key points from our Eating Cycles and other important messages. We want to use the remaining cards for our BEST Mindful Moments – the ones you've found to be the most inspiring, helpful, eye-opening, or life-changing. We only have 16 cards left to fill and we just couldn't choose!

We want YOU to choose your favorite Mindful Moments!

Please post your favorite Mindful Moment(s) in the comment section below. We'd also love to hear why that Mindful Moment was helpful to you. Everyone that posts a comment below will get a $5.00 Off coupon for the cards when they are available later this fall. (Of course, you are not obligated to purchase the cards if you comment!)

Thank you for your help!

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38 thoughts on “Share your favorite Mindful Moments with us!”

  1. I have so many favorites, but I really like this one:
    Understanding why you want to eat in the first place gives you the opportunity to meet your true needs.

  2. My 16…
    When a craving doesn’t come from hunger, eating will never satisfy it.
    When you wait until you’re hungry, eating is more pleasurable and satisfying. Hunger is truly the best seasoning!
    Remember that small changes really do make a difference. Healthy eating is simply the result of all the positive decisions you make.
    Decide how full you want to be when you’re finished eating. If you don’t have a plan, you’re more likely to eat more than you needed or wanted to.
    Strive for balance, variety and moderation, not just in the way you eat, but also in the way you live your life.
    Instead of following strict rules created by “experts,” you can become the expert on meeting your needs.
    If you aren’t hungry when you start eating, how do you know when to stop?
    Since your stomach is about the size of your fist, it only takes a handful or two of food to fill it. When you don’t overfill your stomach, you will feel light and comfortable after eating.
    Don’t get trapped into thinking you have to do something perfectly. Instead, make a step, any step, in the direction you want to move.
    There are no good or bad choices–just what is most effective for you under the circumstances.
    You have a choice now. You can continue to try every diet that comes along, only to gain the weight back when you begin to feel hungry, bored or deprived. Or, you can learn a new way to think and act around food. The answers have been within your reach the whole time but you’ve been reaching out instead of reaching in.
    Becoming mindful will bring greater satisfaction and more pleasure to eating and all other aspects of your life–your relationships, your work, your leisure activities, even exercise.
    For most people, weight and food issues aren’t just about what you eat, but why.
    Start thinking of your self as an active, healthy person–and you will become one!
    Eating to deal with certain emotions is simply a way of coping. Once you’re aware of how you’re using food, you have an opportunity to meet your needs in a more effective way.
    Cardiorespiratory activity provides you with numerous health benefits. Live longer, look better, and feel great–what’s not to like about that?

  3. Going on vacation this summer with 10 people of all ages, mostly, twenty somethings and a few of us in our fifties, I realized how poorly people eat. I ate so poorly on this vacation , when I came home I felt like I needed a vacation to eat good food and do some walking.

  4. Thanks for your sharing your favorites so far! I need lots more so please continue to share. Karen, isn’t it amazing how becoming aware of how we feel can change what we do!

  5. One of the things I’ve noticed about cravings and compulsion is the intensity of it, and the feeling of inevitability and out of controlness. One of the thoughts that helps me in the middle of all that mind screaming (yes/no, yes/no) is to say to myself:
    You don’t *have* to do this, (eat this) you know
    it immediately brings back to me that I actually do have a say in this, I do have a choice. If I still go ahead and eat anyway, it feels more like a true choice, not just an impulsive reaction or that I am a victim of crazy cravings

  6. Took my granddaughter out for lunch and was discussing future happenings to look forward to in our lives. I was going to order bread pudding since I’m from New Orleans. My Princess Haley looked at me and said, “If you eat that, will you still be at my wedding?” She was more aware of senseless eatting that I. Oh, from the mouths of babes.

  7. Both Donnas, your comments really get to the heart of awareness. It is not about willpower but about having enough awareness of our choices to consciously decide what we want to do. When we get out of autopilot, we stop recreating the past.
    (And Donna R., I smiled when I read, “…because I’m from New Orleans.” That particular trigger didn’t make it into my last book!)

  8. I’ll post three:
    I realized a few months ago that no matter how hungry I am, the size of my stomach is the same. I was always thinking that if I was really hungry, I would need to eat more (and sometimes more and more) to be satisfied. This helped me adopt a new attitude of being much more choosy about what I consume. Never before a picky eater – now I am one and proud of it!
    There is no going on and off a plan/diet with this program. I’m on, I stay on, and nothing every really changes when I get close to my goal weight. I lose about 2 pounds a month when I am doing this consistently and it will take me a few years to get to where I am going, but I am so thankful that, even then, I will just keep doing what I am doing. I don’t get into those situations very often when I feel overfull and yucky for hours after a meal. I don’t feel guilty. I feel satisfied! Food becomes less front and center and more on the back burner. I like that because I know several naturally thin people who are only motivated by food when they are hungry.
    We don’t have to think about or work so hard at any of our other body systems so why would our digestive systems be any different? I am a woman. Without hardly any thought on my part, my body has produced two other little women. That amazes me! Circulatory, respiratory, nervous systems…. pretty much all self-functioning in a healthy human body. I contend that the creator made the digestive system the same way and I have got it way off track starting in childhood. Time to get on track. I believe Am I Hungry is getting me there! Thanks!
    Best wishes on completing the Mindful Moments deck of cards! I’ll look forward to getting them.

  9. If you are not hungry, you wont find what you are looking for in here. – posted on refrigerator

  10. Favs so far.
    Reestablish physical hunger as your primary cue for eating – reconnect with hunger and satiety.
    Hunger is a physical sensation, not thoughts, emotions, or cravings.
    Balance eating for health and eating for pleasure.
    Think direction, not prefection.

  11. When i have extreme cravings for sweets I ask myself-what in my life needs “sweetening”?…usually I need to work on an emotional issue in my life not feed myself an endless supply of sweets to cover it up.

  12. Well it took me a YEAR to finally finish this project but I haven’t forgotten you! You can read more about the cards here: https://amihungry.com/Eat-What-You-Love-Love-What-You-Eat-Motivational-Cards.shtml
    I promised that you would get $5 off the card deck for sharing your favorite Mindful Moments with us. They are on pre-order special (just $9.99) so your additional $5 off is a great deal. The coupon is only good until the end of August 2011; just use the code thankyou when you check out! PLEASE do not share this code – we put a limit on the number of orders so it is only good for those of you who contributed your ideas!

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