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Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Self-Acceptance Step 6: Live the big, vibrant life you crave!

Michelle May


On your journey to self-acceptance, choose to live the vibrant life you crave today. What’s the alternative?

This is your life

Too often, people postpone their lives while they attempt to reach some arbitrary definition of beauty or success. Moment by moment, their lives pass them by. THIS is your life!

If you’re unable to accept and love yourself as you are now, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be satisfied with yourself no matter what changes you make.

Consider this: Have you ever seen an old picture of yourself and realized you really were beautiful but just couldn’t see it at the time? The picture you take today will be that picture tomorrow.

Your vibrant life awaits!

Fuel-your-vibrant-lifeInstead of putting your life on hold until you finally accept yourself, remind yourself that this is your life and you deserve to live it fully.

Wear clothes that make you feel great, do things that make you feel brave, and make choices that bring you joy. Eat fearlessly and move mindfully in order to fuel the vibrant life you crave—and deserve.

I hope these six small steps to self-acceptance have you led you to the conclusion you can accept—even love—the one you’re with!

Journal prompt:

What does your vibrant life look like?

Pause to picture your vibrant life. What are you doing? Who are you with? Imagine the scenery, sounds, textures, aromas, and feelings.

Download this Love Letter to Myself to inspire you!

Your vibrant life is available to you now! What small step will you take to claim it today?

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