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Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Self-Acceptance Step 4: Get Connected to Your Body

Michelle May


In Self Acceptance Step 3: Get to Know Yourself Better we explored some ideas on how to dig deep and really get to know the person you spend the most time with…YOU! Now let’s talk about how to get connected to your body.

Connect to the messages your body sends you

Pause-to-connect-to-your-bodyAs you begin to see your body as more than a lump of clay to be molded into some form you can finally accept, you’ll begin to see your body as the amazing feat of nature that it is!

One of the most amazing things about your body is that it gives you a constant stream of information about what it needs. You can even think of your body as an intricate circuit board and chemistry set that communicates messages to your brain!

Some messages are so fast, you act on them before you notice it, like pulling your hand away from a flame. Some messages help you take action, like when you feel hungry, thirsty, or tired – all symptoms you can ignore if you choose, but will become stronger and more insistent.

Other messages are subtle and easy to disregard, like a need for pleasure or connection, until we realize we are attempting to meet those needs in ineffective ways. Others are uncomfortable, like the need to set boundaries in an important relationship.

When we are in the habit of ignoring the messages our body is trying to give us, we are not able to optimally meet our needs. And sometimes we don’t just ignore the messages; we try to push the symptoms down or soothe them, like eating when we are angry, lonely, or sad.

Becoming curious about your body’s signals and needs will transform your relationship with your body into a partnership.

Journal prompt:

Connect with your body. Pause to listen and connect to your body’s quiet whispers.

Why wait? Take a moment to sit back, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and get connected to your body. What are you experiencing in the present moment? What is your body telling you it needs (or doesn’t need) right now? Do you need water, food, rest, touch, pleasure, movement, play, or something else?

When you are ready, here’s Self-Acceptance Step 5: Nurture Your Body.

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