Presentations by Well-being Expert, Rebecca Johnson

Shifting the Focus from Weight to Well-being

Description: A growing body of evidence supports that traditional weight-focused, “eat less, exercise more” interventions are ineffective for creating sustainable changes in weight or health. The focus on weight and rules-based eating plans can contribute to disordered eating, weight cycling, weight stigma, and other outcomes that diminish health. In this session, Rebecca uncovers the complex reasons that traditional approaches to eating and weight management fail and offers an evidenced-based alternative approach that fosters positive self-care behaviors at every size.

Audience: This keynote presentation is appropriate for health professionals, corporate and community wellness programs, wellness conferences, and policy makers.

Your audience will learn:

  • The most recent (and surprising) scientific conclusions about the relationship between weight and health
  • Why the conventional weight-focused approach to health is ineffective, counterproductive, and harmful to well-being
  • Three key tenets of an emerging paradigm shift that lay the foundation for a promising alternative approach to eating and health

“Rebecca is a fabulous, thought provoking and insightful presenter, on the leading edge of a true shift in how we manage health and weight.” – Participant, National Wellness Institute Educational Session

Powerful Conversations to Lead the Shift from Weight to Well-being

Description: Although the evidence is clear that the weight-focused approach to eating and health is ineffective and counterproductive, data alone isn’t enough to shift the paradigm from weight to well-being. Health and wellness professionals need to be skilled at integrating evidence into meaningful heartfelt conversations with clients, patients, colleagues, and organizational leaders. In this session, Rebecca clarifies the core messages of the weight-neutral approach and offers practical strategies for crafting powerful conversations that guide individuals and organizations toward a health-centric approach to well-being.

Audience: This keynote presentation is appropriate for health professionals, corporate and community wellness programs, and wellness conferences.

Your audience will learn:

  • Up-to-date scientific conclusions about the relationship between weight and health
  • The core messages of the weight-neutral approach to health (with common myths debunked)
  • A four-part communication framework for crafting powerful conversations with others to lead the shift from weight to well-being

“Rebecca, overall there is something about your depth of knowledge, presentation style, and approach that really resonates with me. I just want to thank you for following your passion, clearly articulating the research, and inspiring me to improve on my own purpose of helping clients discover and embrace their authentic selves. I learned so much from you about tools and skills to help make this tangible vs. just theory-based.” – Julie G., MS, RDN, Health Promotion Conference

Well-being from the Inside Out

Description: Advances in neuroscience and psychology over the last decade have shed new light on the role of emotions in well-being and quality of life. In this session, Rebecca explores the relationship between emotional style and well-being with a focus on attention, outlook, and resilience. Using everyday examples and compelling stories, she offers insight into the practical application of mindfulness and mental training to alter emotional style and rewire the brain in ways that improve health and quality of life from the inside out.

Audience: This presentation is perfect for health and wellness professionals; corporate and community wellness programs; and wellness conferences.

Your audience will learn:

  • How emotions impact four major components of well-being
  • Three forms of mindfulness and mental training that can positively alter emotional style
  • How to apply these concepts in work with clients, patients, and employees

“Rebecca is one of the best presenters we’ve had. I find her manner and thoughtfulness and expertise extremely useful and informative. Can’t say enough positive things about what I’ve learned from her. Thank you.” – Training Participant, Medical Fitness Association

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