Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Press Room Archives 2014

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12/30/14 – The Herald Everett Washington: Be mindful of how and what you eat
12/30/14 – The Journal Times: Quinn on Nutrition: Being mindful of how we eat
12/30/14 – West Valley News: Banner Health Presents Girls’ Night Out
12/22/14 – Monterey Hereald: Mindful eating means recognizing your habits
12/15/14 – The Nutrition Press: Me, myself and a slice of cake – mindful eating
12/10/14 – Real Woman Magazine: 5 Steps to Survive the Holidays
12/01/14 – Natural Awakenings Magazine: Happy Feasting to All
11/28/14 – Portland Press Herald: Calorie Count Labels Stir Mixed Feelings
11/23/14 – Bottom Line Publications: Stop Punishing Yourself with Exercise
11/22/14 – Dietitian Connection: Reflections of a Frustrated Dietitian
11/19/14 – Wyoming Tribune Eagle: Keep weight off the holiday table
11/17/14 – Huffington Post: Get Off of the Tightrope and onto the Path
11/06/14 – Womens Health: The One Time You SHOULD Indulge
Top 35 Healthy Weight Blogs10/03/14 – Chillawack Progress: Wellness: A decade of lessons learned
09/17/14 – The Spokesman Review: Mindful Eating Classes Offered
09/02/14 – Huffington Post: Is Food The Background Music to Your Life?
08/29/14 – Weight Loss Surgery Podcast: Interview with Dr. Michelle May
08/25/14 – Foodscription: What Factors Influence Cravings
08/21/14 – Calorie Count: Creating Space For Yourself
08/06/14 – Illawarra Mercury: Mind Over Munching: When Eating Habits Go Bad
health 061208/05/14 – Bariatric Support Centers International: 7 Things Parents Say That May Cause Eating Issues
07/22/14 – The List: Mindful Eating at Restaurants
07/10/14 – Conscious Indulgence: An Ideological Analysis of the Am I Hungry? Blog
07/07/14 – Merge Speaks – Leadership Expert: Three steps to less workplace stress
07/01/14 – SCAN’s PULSE: Treating Binge Eating Disorder with Mindful Techniques
06/29/14 – The Center for Mindful Eating: A Forgiving Approach To Health
06/23/14 – Rathna Raju, M.D.: 7 Ways to Practice Self-Acceptance
06/20/14 – Huffington Post: Reprogram Your Brain
06/19/14 – The Sweet Midlife: Doing This For Real This Time
06/19/14 – Calorie Count: 7 Ways to Practice Self-Acceptance
06/15/14 – Dietitian Connection: Presentation at Dietitians of Canada Conference 2014
06/12/14 – Shift Weight Mastery Process: Interview with Michelle May, M.D.
06/10/14 – World Running Summit: Interview with Michelle May
06/05/14 – Bariatric Support Centers International: 10 Things Fitness Instructors Should Stop Saying
06/01/14 – Kentucky Living: Staying On Track
05/29/14 – RECHARGE Personal Power: Fitness: A to Z
05/28/14 – Inside Karen’s Kitchen: Mindful Eating – The When
05/21/14 – Inside Karen’s Kitchen: Mindful Eating – The Why
05/22/14 – Calorie Count: Eating Cures Boredom? But Only Temporarily
05/02/14 – Huffington Post: The Arrogance of Dieting
04/28/14 – The Washington Post: ‘Food shaming,’ or why guilt is bad for dieting
04/24/14 – Calorie Count: How Thoughts Become Habits
04/17/14 – Beauty World News: Diet Plans without the D-word
04/15/14 – Nutrition Unplugged: Why It’s So Bad to Say “I Was Bad After Eating”
04/10/14 – HappierHealthierWomen.com: The Art of Eating Mindfully
04/08/14 – Weight Watchers Magazine (May/June 2014 Issue): Say Goodbye To Gult
03/19/14 – Generation Chic Inspired by YOU Magazine (Page 10): Feature – Love The Body You Have
03/19/14 – Huffington Post: A Simplifed, Actionable Nutrition Message
02/20/14 – Calorie Count: 3 More Ways to Revitalize Your Resolutions
02/11/14 – The Rocky Mount Telegram: Careful thought turns focus to true nutrition
01/28/14 – The Herald of Everett, Washington: Book lays out importance of mindful eating
01/21/14 – A Weight Lifted – Green Mountain at Fox Run Blog: The Top-35 Healthy Weight Blogs
01/21/14 – The Kansas City Star: Mindful eating lets you skip the diets
01/17/14 – Arizona Spa and Wellness Association: Amazing New Look at Food
01/16/14 – Calorie Count: Rethink Your Resolutions
01/14/14 – Greenville Daily Reflector: What Type of Eater Are You?
01/11/14 – The Star Online: Listen, Think, Eat
01/07/14 – Relish Austin 360: Thinking carefully about what we eat, what we give
01/01/14 – TOPS Healthy & Active (pg.14): Get Your Body Back!

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