Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Michelle May, M.D. Media/Press Coverage

Family Circle June 2017

Dr. Michelle May is a doctor, mindful eating expert, and author who writes, speaks, and teaches about ending senseless yo-yo dieting and resolving mindless and emotional eating. She has been interviewed for CNN Health, Discovery Health Channel, Dr. Oz, Fitness, Fox News Radio, Glamour, Health, Huffington Post, Ladies Home Journal, Oprah Radio, Oxygen, Parade, Parents, Prevention, Self, Shape, TIME, USA Weekend, US News & World Report, Washington Post, WebMD, Weight Watchers, WomensHealthMag, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, and many more. She is also the host of the Calm Masterclass: Mindful Eating. For expertise in mindful eating, yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, intuitive eating, Health at Every Size (HAES), and a non-diet, weight-neutral approach to nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyles, please contact Dr. May.

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Michelle May, M.D. quoted or featured in these articles, radio, & TV

05/20/21 – HappyTalks: Mindful Eating with Dr. Michelle May
05/14/21 – Massage Magazine: A Vital Massage Career Depends on a Healthy Mind & Body
04/12/21 – Thrive Beyond Burnout Podcast: Are you a yo-yo dieter?
04/06/21 – Fraternity Foodie Podcast: What is mindful eating
03/28/21 – United Healthcare: Mindful Eating
03/26/21 – Thrive TV Show: Mindful Eating for Vibrant Living 
03/24/21 – WN4DC Symposium: Why We Value Weight Neutral Diabetes Care
03/18/21 – Living to 100 Club: Eat What You Love, Mindfully
03/17/21 – Someday Life Podcast: Everything You Thought About Eating Might Be Wrong – Audio / Video
03/15/21 – She Unplugged: Mindful Eating
03/08/21 – Direction Not Perfection Podcast – Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat
03/02/21 – Words of Heart Podcast: Relationship with Food
01/21/21 – Speaker Launcher Wealthy Speaker Podcast: Generating Diverse Income Streams
01/19/21 – Roscoe’s Wetsuit: Mindful Eating Interview with Michelle
01/12/21 – WN4DC Symposium: Why We Value Weight Neutral Diabetes Care
01/03/21 – Study Breaks: Why Do Many People Feel Anxious about Eating in Front of Others
12/24/20 – Behind the Bite podcast: Yo-yo dieting, New Years Resolutions, Food Rules
12/17/20 – Psychology Today: When Your Guests Don’t Eat Your Food
11/18/20 – Food Experience UnPlugged: Why Mindful Eating is the Only Skill You Really Need
11/16/20 – Sublime Women Summit: Freedom with food

11/16/20 – Food Freedom Show
10/22/20 – Say Yes to You Summit: Eat what you love!
08/02/20 – BrainWorld: Are You Really Hungry?
07/27/20 – Prevention: Easy Ways to Improve Your Health in Less Than a Minute
06/10/20 – Parade: 50 Mindfulness Quotes to Live in the Present
05/14/20 – Conscious Eating Conclave: Mindful Eating and Diabetes Management
05/11/20 – ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care: How Covid-19 is changing diabetes care
05/01/20 – TOPS News: Food and Feelings: Identify emotions that trigger overeating
04/30/20 – Health: Is Obesity Really a Risk for Covid-19?
03/25/20 – U.S.News: Tips to Overcome the Eating Challenges of Working from Home
01/30/20 – Cayman Compass: Reach Your Wellness Goals More Mindfully
01/27/20 – Self: 9 Books that Will Change Your Relationship with Food
01/18/20 – Capital Gazette: Trending Food Apps
01/15/20 – Shondaland: The Psychology of Dieting
01/03/20 – Bangor Daily News: Secret to Sticking to Your Resolutions
12/09/19 – Interview: Making Meals Matter
10/15/19 – Meetings and Conventions: Mindful Eating with Help from an App
09/30/19 – Truth Rx Podcast : Mindful Eating with Dr. Michelle May
09/22/19 – Dr. Yami Podcast: Mindful Eating and the Harms of Dieting
09/18/19 – The Washington Post: Instead of tracking, try these 5 mindful apps
09/13/19 – Princess Cruises: The Wake Show
09/01/19 – Endocrine Today: Replace Diet with Mindful Eating
09/01/19 – Seattle Times: Experts caution against WW’s app for kids
08/05/19 – Arizona State University: Psyched for Life
06/26/19 – ElaineLive and Lauren Too podcast: Living Vibrantly through Mindful Eating
06/20/19 – Thrive Global: Looking for Calm and Clarity? Try a FEAST
06/18/19 – Endocrinology Advisor: The Case for Weight-Neutral Diabetes Care 1
06/18/19 – Endocrinology Advisor: The Case for Weight-Neutral Diabetes Care 2
06/01/19 – Fredericksburg.com: Every Day Should Be No-Diet Day
05/29/19 – WN4DC: Diabetes Guidelines: From Weight-Centric to Weight-Neutral
05/23/19 – Raw Beauty Podcast: How to End Yo-Yo Dieting
05/08/19 – Better blood sugar levels for better health without DIETing
04/19/19 – Zestful Aging: How to Resolve Emotional and Stress Eating
03/08/19 – American Heart Association: Be Your Best with Mindful Eating
02/26/19 – Embrace Eating Recovery: Mindful Eating and Food Freedom
02/15/19 – Argus Leader: 5 tips to promote personal and workplace wellness
02/06/19 – Recovery Journey Summit Interview with Dr. Anita Johnston
01/31/19 – Brain World Magazine: Are You Really Hungry?
01/30/19 – ASU Psychology Dept.: Interview with Michelle May
01/28/19 – Social Work.Career: Best in Mental Health (January 2019)
01/13/19 – NaturallySavvy: 5 Mindfulness Eating Apps
01/07/19 – Healthline: Changing the Way You Look at Food May Help
01/02/19 – Social Work Career: Best in Mental Health (December 2018)
01/02/19 – New York Times: Four Simple Words to Help You Live Well
12/31/18 – Do No Harm Podcast: Mindful Health With Michelle May, MD
11/25/18 – Social Work.Career: Best in Mental Health (10/28/18-11/25/18)
11/21/18 – How Does She: 5 Reasons to Stop Dieting Now
11/09/18 – The Daily Meal: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Diabetes and Diet Gallery
11/01/18 – KSL: 5 things you can do today to reduce your risk for Type 2 Diabetes 
09/12/18 – Jenny Eden Coaching: 17 Experts Reveal their Top Eating Empowerment Tips
06/21/18 – Wellbeing: Are you an emotional eater? Expert Tips
06/13/18 – The Seattle Times: Do you need to relearn how to eat?
06/07/18 – Calm App: Mindful Eating Masterclass with Dr. Michelle May
05/24/18 – Body Kindness: Mindful Eating for Well-Being, Not Weight LossWake-Show-Dr-Michelle-May
04/20/18 – US News: Are Your Friends and Family Sabotaging Your Health Goals?
04/19/18 – BlogTalkRadio: Luther Vandross Tribute Show: Yo-yo dieting with diabetes
04/15/18 – Cosmopolitan: The Before and After Trap
04/09/18 – Fox St. Louis: Apps to Keep You on Track
03/19/18 – Interview: Body Love Summit
03/06/18 – New York Beef Council: National Nutrition Month-Go Further With Food
02/28/18 – Redesigning Wellness Podcast: Cultivating a healthy relationship with foodCalm-Mindful-Eating-Masterclass-Michelle-May
02/13/18 – Life Unrestricted Podcast: Eating without fear, specifically for diabetes
01/31/18 – Ahwatukee Foothills News: Ahwatukee woman helps people without dieting
01/24/18 – Speaker Magazine: Is the Road Taking a Toll on Your Health?
01/17/18 – The Preston Citizen: Extension Notes: Five reasons to steer clear of dieting
12/11/17 – Health: What Really Happens to Your Body When You Yo-Yo Diet
11/22/17 – Yahoo News: How to Respond to Food Shaming
10/31/17 – Verily Magazine: 3 Tips for a Healthier (and Happier!) HalloweenASU Psychology video
09/15/17 – The State Press: The Freshman Fifteen is the Not the Freshman Fate
08/29/17 – Health Coach Institute: Facebook Live Interview
08/16/17 – Life Unrestricted: “Eat What You Love” as the way to heal eating issues.
08/07/17 – BT: 5 mindful eating practices that will transform the way you eat
08/02/17 – Everyday Mindfulness Show: Mindful Eating Episode
07/31/17 – U.S. News: 6 Strategies to Stop Overeating
07/27/17 – Matt Townsend Show: Mindful eating interview
06/15/17 – Radio Oklahoma Network: Mindful eating interview
06/01/17 – Women’s Health: Why I Hate Calorie Tracking
05/25/17 – Nurturing Soul Success for Conscious Living (Podcast)Anita Johnston and Michelle May
05/09/17 – Family Circle Magazine: Never Overeat Again (print)
04/06/17 – Megrette.com: Overcoming Fear of Carbohydrates with Diabetes
03/09/17 – TheDiabetesCouncil.com: 101 Experts Answer 3 Diabetes Questions
03/01/17 – Eating Well Magazine: Tame the Beast
02/15/17 – KEYC News; Dealing with Binge Eating Disorder
02/14/17 – NYTimes.com: How to Be Mindful While Eating Chocolate
01/17/17 – Austin360.com: Thinking Carefully About What We Eat, What We Give
01/11/17 – The Seattle Times: 3 Little-Known Risk Periods for Eating Disorders
01/10/17 – Huffington Post: 3 Must Read Books for Binge Eating Disorder
01/02/17 – Thrive Global: 5 Resons to Stop Dieting Now
12/21/16 – My Fitness Pal: One Mindset Change You’ll NeedBodyKindness-podcast
11/24/16 – KCBS San Francisco: Overeating During the Holidays
11/21/16 – TodaysDietitian.com: Holiday Eating
11/03/16 – Health: How to Stop Overeating Once and For All
11/01/16 – Health: How to Escape Zombie Eating (print)
11/01/16 – RedesigningWellness.com: Bringing Mindful Eating to the Workplace
11/01/16 – Health: 7 Steps to Mindful Eating
10/26/16 – NYTimes.com: How to be Mindful Carving a Pumpkin
10/14/16 – Health24.com: Six Tips to Curb Mindless EatingCosmo - The Before And After Trap
09/24/16 – Corporate Wellness Article: Mindful Eating: Shifting the Focus
09/06/16 – Huffington Post: 3 Must Read Books for Recovery from Binge Eating Disorder
09/03/16 – CorporateWellnessMagazine.com: Why Weight-Neutral Workplace Wellness?
09/02/16 – Time Magazine: Mindfulness…The New Science of Health and Happiness
08/25/16 – LinkedIn Pulse: The Arrogance of Dieting
08/11/16 – WomensHealthMag.com: Why You Shouldnt Go ‘All In’ with Your Get-Fit Plan
08/01/16 – Kentucky Living Magazine (p.48): Mindful Eating for Long Term Maintenence
07/22/16 – LinkedIn Pulse: Eating Advice that Sends the Wrong Message
07/15/16 – Huffington Post: Mindful Eating for Travelers
07/09/16 – FoxNews.com: 11 Times Celebs Gave Useful Diet Advice
07/01/16 – Health Magazine: The Mind/Body MD0417 - EatingWell
06/20/16 – CleanPlates.com: Zen And The Art Of Eating
06/17/16 – Lion’s Den Fitness: Behind the Bar Podcast
06/14/16 – WomensHealthMag.com: Why Your Weight Goes Up and Down
06/03/16 – STATNews.com: Too Often, Doctor’s Can’t See Past Weight
05/06/16 – Huffington Post: 10 Reasons to Stop Dieting Now!
05/02/16 – HeadSpace.com: Learn to Love Your Food Again
05/01/16 – Health: Master Every Kind of Craving (print magazine)
04/26/16 – Nautilus Book Awards: Silver – Eat What You Love Binge Eating
04/22/16 – Health: What Your Cravings Mean
04/22/16 – Reporter-Herald: Mindful Eating Advice
04/21/16 – University of Kentucky: Mindful Eating Helps to Lose Weight – and Keep it off
04/08/16 – LinkedIn Pulse: It is absurd to convert food into exercise!
03/29/16 – KEYC.com: Local Program Helps Those With Eating Disorders
03/29/16 – LinkedIn Pulse: The Power to Choose: An Essential Ingredient
03/25/16 – Huffington Post: Is Your Fitness App Making Your Life Smaller?
03/22/16 – Stuff.Co.Nz: How’s Your Relationship With Food?
03/11/16 – USNews.com: How to Know if You’re Actually Hungry
03/03/16 – WomensHealthMag.com: Toxic Relationship With Your Fitness Tracker?
03/02/16 – FoxNews.com: Whether ‘Plus Size Women’ Are Actually Unhealthy
03/01/16 – Focus on Fabulous: 101 Things To Do Besides Eat
02/26/16 – WomensHealthMag.com: Truth About Whether ‘Plus Size Women’ Are Unhealthy
01/28/16 – Center for Mindful Eating: Mindful Eating: Shift the Focus from Weight to Well-Being
01/22/16 – Huffington Post: 10 Tips to Turn Any Day From Ordinary to Extrodinary 
01/12/16 – Yahoo.com: How to Decipher Your Hunger Cues
01/07/16 – Huffington Post: Star Wars Jedi Mindful Tricks for Healthy Eating
01/05/16 – FitWoman.com: Let’s Rethink That Diet: The Slim Chance Awards 2015 Winners
12/31/15 – US News & World Report: Why you shouldn’t resolve to lose weight this year
12/29/15 – Namely Marley Podcast: How to Become a Mindful Eater with Michelle May MD
12/17/15 – Huffington Post: Guilt Free Holiday Eating: Eat Mindfully!
12/16/15 – WomensHealthMag.com: Why Your Mind Doesn’t Want You to Lose Weight
12/09/15 – LinkedIn Pulse: Please! No More “How to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain” Articles!
12/03/15 – WomensHealthMag.com: Is This The Reason You Can’t Lose Those Last 5 Pounds?
11/27/15 – WomensHealthMag.com: Why We Just Need To Relax About Holiday Weight Gain
11/13/15 – EDCatalogue.com: Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat Binge Eating Interview
11/01/15 – MaxSportsandFitness.com: Stop Body and Food Shaming
10/20/15 – WomensHealthMag.com: What Does Eating in Moderation REALLY Mean?
10/30/15 – LinkedIn Pulse: Fearless Eating: The Trick to Managing the Treats
09/25/15 – LinkedIn Pulse: First, Do No Harm
09/23/15 – Blog.DrOz.com: How Athena Embraced Her Emotional Eating
09/23/15 – DoctorOz.com: The Plan to Embrace Emotional Eating
09/18/15 – KWQC.com: Interview for upcoming Amy’s Gift Mindful Eating Seminar
09/00/15 – Dr. Oz: Help! I Eat My Feelings!
09/11/15 – QCTimes.com: Amy’s Gift Sponsers Healthy Eating Presentation
09/10/15 – Chef AJ’s Healthy Eating Show: Interview With Michelle May
09/10/15 – QCTimes.com: Amy’s Gift Hosts Mindful Eating Seminar
08/28/15 – LinkedIn Pulse: Diets Are Like Antacids: We Need a Paradigm Shift
08/31/15 – DrOzTheGoodLife.com: Weight-Loss Tips From Around The World
08/25/15 – LatinosHealth.com: How to Avoid Overeating – 5 Tips
08/21/15 – QCTimes.com: Amy’s Gift Plans Educational Event
08/19/15 – MondelezInternational.com: The Voice- Interview with Michelle May
08/10/15 – SeeSeeEye.csu.edu: Mindful Eating: the solution to fad dieting?
08/07/15 – USNews.com: 7 Surprising Things That Make You Overeat
08/07/15 – Huffington Post: 3 Words That Can Trigger Cravings
07/17/15 – Huffington Post: Want Health? You Can’t Get There from Here
07/16/15 – LinkedIn Pulse: Mindful Eating is Just Eating with Awareness and 6 Other Myths
06/19/15 – Huffington Post: Mindfulness: Your Inside Out App
06/11/15 – LinkedIn Pulse: 7 Things I Wish Some Fitness Instructors Would Stop Saying
05/29/15 – Huffington Post: Perfectionism and Eating
05/18/15 – Dallasnews.com: The Mindful Approach to Food
05/08/15 – Huffington Post: From No Diet Day to No Diet Life
05/08/15 – PRLOG.org: Release: Mindful Eating Virtual Coach App Now Available
05/06/15 – Linkedin Pulse: How to Turn Mindful Eating Into Dieting
03/26/15 – On Point Talk Radio KYAT: Resolving Yo-Yo Dieting
03/20/15 – Huffington Post: When-Then: The Lie That Keeps You Stuck
03/18/15 – Corporatewellnessmagazine.com: The “Biggest Losers” Might Be Your Employees
03/05/15 – Womenshealthmag.com: 100 Things To Do Besides Eat
02/25/15 – CT Style: Book Review: “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat For Athletes”
02/24/15 – Huffington Post: You Are Not an Emotional Eater
02/06/15 – MalaysianDigest.com: Overcoming Love/Hate Relationship With Food
02/01/15 – EDReferral.com: Book Review – Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating
01/29/15 – Binge Behavior: Books – First Reads & Must Reads
01/29/15 – Huffington Post: 7 Ways to Practice Self-Acceptance
01/29/15 – Binge Behavior: Mindful Eating and the Binge Eating Cycle
01/26/15 – Your Coach 4 Healthy Living: Mindful Eating: Get Out of Autopilot
01/26/15 – Eat This, Not That: 8 Ways To Eat Mindfully
01/25/15 – Huffington Post: 8 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself About Food
01/24/15 – Time Magazine: 3 Ways to Sneak Vegetables into Breakfast Foods
01/22/15 – Yahoo! Health: 8 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself About Food
01/21/15 – US News & World Report: 8 Things You Should Never Say to Yourself About Food
01/20/15 – The New Zealand Herald: If food’s your reward, you won’t beat the bulge
01/19/15 – Healthy Habits, Balanced Life: It’s Not Just What You Eat, But Why
01/18/15 – TRIBLive: How to use mindful eating
01/18/15 – Columbia Daily Tribune: Diet Derail: If food’s a reward, you can’t win
01/18/15 – NBC Channel 12: Eating What You Love Without the Guilt
01/17/15 – Chasing Ayden: Am I Hungry?
01/16/15 – Stuff.co.nz Well and Good: Do you reward exercise with food?
01/16/15 – MarshallMcPeek.com: Asking Questions
01/16/15 – The Hamilton Spectator: If food’s your reward, you can’t lose
01/15/15 – KTVK 3 AZFamily (video): Eat what you love without guilt
01/13/15 – Washington Post: Post-workout food rewards can sabotage goals
01/08/15 – Buckeye Valley News: Happy New Year! Happy fresh start!
01/08/15 – Huffington Post: Beginning with Beginner’s Mind
01/06/15 – The List (video): Michelle May’s Tips to a Happy & Healthy 2015
01/05/15 – Press of Atlantic City: Being mindful of how and what we eat is key
01/05/15 – Lucila Diniz.com: O apetite emocional

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