Michelle C’s Story: A Simple Strategy to Take Charge

Realizing the Need to Change

It should have been one of the most joyous days of her life: Celebrating the impending birth of her first grandchild at her daughter’s baby shower. Yet, as excited as Michelle C. was for her daughter, she left the shower feeling terrible about herself. Feeling that, even at full-term, her daughter’s figure looked so much better than her own.

Michelle’s story mirrors that of many women who have devoted their lives to managing a household and raising a family. It’s not that she didn’t care about herself, but she just always placed her family’s needs above her own. For nearly thirty years, since the birth of her own children, Michelle struggled to lose weight. She tried nearly all of the heavily marketed diets: Jenny Craig, Over-Eaters Anonymous, and Weight Watchers – several times. She even tried exercise, joining a number of workout facilities, only to quit each one because she hated to exercise.doctor taking blood pressure

And her body hurt. Carrying around the “extra” pounds had taken its toll on her knees, making it difficult to walk. In fact, just getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle because her whole body ached. Yet it took serious health issues, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and loathing the way her body looked compared to a woman carrying a full-term baby, to jolt her into action.

Finding Real Help

Along with her doctor’s prescription for high blood pressure medication came a frank discussion about where her continued inactivity could lead. Even more frightening health concerns loomed on the horizon. Michelle was ready to make a change but knew that diets had never worked for her. She explained that she needed to be involved in a program that ‘walked’ with her, every step of the way. Her physician was familiar with a unique and successful program called Am I Hungry®?, and referred her to Dr. May, its creator.

Michelle’s initial reaction to the Am I Hungry? system was incredulous. How can a person eat whatever they want and actually lose weight? How could one modify one’s behavior – rather than dieting – and gain control of their body and their life? It sounded amazing and, for a change, like a program that she could easily incorporate into her lifestyle.

Free to Enjoy Food… and Even Exercise!

Through the Am I Hungry? system, Michelle learned that by simply asking herself, “Am I hungry?” she could gain control over her eating and feel satisfied at the same time. With Am I Hungry?, there are no calories or points to count and no forbidden foods. In fact, Michelle quickly discovered that she eats less of everything because she knows that whenever she has a craving for a particular food, she can have it. And she learned to love, yes love, exercise! Dr. May introduced her to an exercise regimen that requires only thirty minutes a day, several days a week to complete. With the Am I Hungry? strategies and regular exercise, Michelle is finally in charge of her eating – instead of it controlling her – for the first time in her life.

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