Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Am I Hungry? Personal Stories

Lisa’s Story: Self Care Coach

Cheerful woman talking on the phone at her workplace at homeWith twenty years of coaching experience, Lisa Capehart calls herself a “Self Care Coach.” But it wasn’t always that way.

Lisa started dieting at an early age and clearly remembers taking boiled eggs to school in her lunchbox in the fourth grade. She continued to diet off and on until her son was born. She later earned a degree in Exercise Physiology and most of her clients came to her to “lose weight and get in shape.” She eventually realized that restrictive dieting and punitive exercise isn’t the answer because although it might give temporary results, it doesn’t last.

During her Wellcoaches training she came across Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs and Training and was hooked immediately! She began offering mindful eating workshops in 2008 then participated in the Am I Hungry? Training for Mindful Eating Coaching as soon as it was available.

Lisa only coaches women and notes that unfortunately, “women beat up on themselves.” Many of her clients initially still say they want to “lose weight and get in shape,” but Lisa says “dieting is a habit.” She works with them to make self-care their habit instead. She says it is all about creating experiments that she calls “trial and correction.” After all, as Lisa says, “practice is progress.”

One of the ways Lisa works with her clients is by helping them identify their values and priorities, then making their behaviors congruent with what they say is important to them. For example, that might entail helping them reframe the way they think about what they eat. She says it’s not about “I can’t have…” but about making choices for their own self-care.

Lisa says, “Your coach’s job is to find out what you want out of life and help you take baby steps to achieve it.”

Listen to Lisa’s interview below and see if you aren’t inspired to a few baby steps of your own! If you’d like the support of a coach like Lisa, learn more about Mindful Eating Coaching and register for a complimentary 30-minute coaching session.

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