Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

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Stephanie’s Story: Back to the Future

“What attracted me to Am I Hungry? is that it is simple and realistic, not a quick fix. It’s not about fitting into a wedding dress—then going right back to where you were! I wanted to go back to the way I was when I was a kid, when food was food.” Other things that Stephanie has learned from Am I Hungry? include:

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Kari’s Story: Finally, Peace

In 2013, Binge Eating Disorder was added to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5)—thirty-six years after I found myself sitting on the floor of a dark basement, leaning up against a chest freezer, eating a case of frozen Twinkies—my shameful secret. My first memory of hiding food was when I was 8

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Shirley’s Story: Food Is No Longer My Friend

When Shirley was 44 she was diagnosed with diabetes; she started insulin the following year. Three years later she developed congestive heart failure which was treated with “a bunch of medications.” “I continued to gain weight but I just couldn’t diet anymore. Dr. Thompson, my doctor, had heard Dr. May speak at a conference and said I should look into Am I Hungry?®

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Charlene’s Story: Success – Moment by Moment

“I’ve loved food from a young age! My mother was a fabulous Southern cook and growing up, I spent countless wonderful hours in the kitchen with her learning how to cook. My memories of my early experiences with food are very happy ones. And I was so healthy! Honestly, I never had a problem with

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Ann Marie’s Story: Beauty from Ashes

Ann Marie’s mother vacillated between chronic dieting and binge eating-and still does. “From early on I was made to feel ‘less than’ my slim siblings. My mother called me ‘pushy and bossy’ and said that I just had to get out first ahead of my twin brother at birth.” Tragically, her twin brother was “born

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Marcia’s Story: Trusting Your Wisdom

Like many women of 62, Marcia had been on various diets. “I had been down that path over and over: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig…the usual. I even got thin a few times, but I always gained the weight back, plus more.” Marcia was diagnosed with hypertension when she was 58 years old. She hired a

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Ginger’s Story: It’s Not About the Weight

Ginger had never really dieted before but had always been very health conscious and interested in nutrition. Following the birth of her third baby, Ginger found herself getting on her bathroom scale four times a day. She also found herself “closet eating” and feeling guilty. She intuitively knew that her sudden obsession with her weight and food

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Jeannette’s Story: Emotional Eating: The Missing Puzzle Piece

At 5’11” and slender, Jeannette was known as Twiggy throughout high school. “I know now that I truly ate instinctively and had very high energy. I danced, played volleyball, and swam,” Jeannette explained. From Instinctive Eating to Overeating and Ashamed “I remember the moment I began my struggle with emotional eating. I received some very traumatic

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