Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

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Badger’s Story: Food wasn’t my problem; it was my symptom

After Stephanie (everyone calls her Badger) attended an Am I Hungry? mindful eating retreat, she had a huge aha: Food wasn’t my problem; it was my symptom. You see, Badger was in a difficult marriage, and food was helping her through. It wasn’t until she realized that food was providing comfort and distraction that she

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Jennifer’s Story: Breaking down the myths of mindful eating

Jennifer Hnat, RDN, LD, is an experienced dietitian who thought she knew what mindful eating was about and believed she had a healthy relationship with food. As she shares in this deeply personal conversation, “incorporating the mindful eating skills I learned during the Am I Hungry? mindful eating training in my private practice completely changed

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Lisa’s Story: Self Care Coach

With twenty years of coaching experience, Lisa Capehart calls herself a “Self Care Coach.” But it wasn’t always that way. Lisa started dieting at an early age and clearly remembers taking boiled eggs to school in her lunchbox in the fourth grade. She continued to diet off and on until her son was born. She

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Bernadette’s Story: From a Program to a Process

Like many of us, Bernadette’s journey included body shame, rigid eating, and emotional eating. In this interview, she described this way: Food was something I treated myself to or tortured myself with. While searching for answers after following a very rigid but only temporarily successful diet, she came across the free chapter 1 download of

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