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Oh, the Humanity!

By Jeff Butts

crushed donuts on the streetI was on my way to the local hospital where I volunteer on Sunday mornings when I came upon a horrific scene! It was…gasp…an entire box of Sweet Shop donuts strewn across McKenzie Road. All the other motorists were avoiding it, probably thinking it was potentially tire-damaging debris in the road, but not me. I knew from 100 yards away that it was an upside down donut box.

Now for many people this wouldn’t be such a big deal. They might just feel pity for the poor guy who lost a few dollars’ worth of donuts and his disappointed family, right?

But for me, a recovering “food-aholic”, this unfortunate accident triggered a cacophony of thoughts.

In a split second my mind began racing: “That donut box must have slid off the roof of someone’s car. I bet there were some caramel maple ones with nuts, my favorite! There’s a chocolate one! Maybe it has crème filling. So yummy! The rest of the box looks pretty much intact. Hmmmmm. If they haven’t hit the pavement, they’re probably still good! I could jam on my brakes, back up, and probably save a few of them. It’s early on a Sunday morning; who’s going to see me?”

I caught myself, then laughed, and thanked my mind for being so creative.

It is so true what “they” say about bariatric surgery: They don’t operate on our brains!

This near-disaster reminded me why I’m so glad that I’ve invested the time and energy getting help dealing with all of the psychological reasons I eat. If I hadn’t I’d be just one tragic donut box away from where I started.

Oh, the humanity!


About the author

Jeff Butts is a facilitator of the Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Program and Mindful Eating for Bariatric Surgery. He is a Wellness Coach, inspirational speaker, and Bariatric Support Group Leader. Jeff’s mission is to “Help others free themselves from the physical and emotional prison of obesity by sharing my experience, my wisdom, and my heart.” Jeff’s passion for helping others stems from his own personal struggle with food and weight. Reaching a weight of 643 pounds, Jeff knew he had to do something to regain his health and get back into life. Upon looking into bariatric surgery, he realized that it was just a physical tool, and that he also needed help to deal with the emotional reasons he ate. Through a twist of fate he discovered that Dr. Michelle May’s Am I Hungry? program was the additional tool he needed! He had bariatric surgery in 2008 and has maintained a 419 pound weight loss and leads five Bariatric Support Groups for St. Vincent’s. Jeff now teams with his Am I Hungry? teacher, mentor, and friend, Dr. Lori Hurst, to offer Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshops throughout central Indiana. He also offers Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating for Bariatric Surgery workshops and webinars. A recording of Jeff’s webinars is available for facilitators-in-training. He also speaks frequently to local schools, colleges, civic, and health organizations. Jeff serves on the Board of Directors of GasAmerica’s Charitable Foundation and Board of Directors of PAWS, a pet rescue in Hancock County, Indiana. He volunteers at Hancock Regional Hospital, Kenneth Butler Soup Kitchen, as a Big Brother, and foster parent for PAWS animals as they look for their forever homes.


  1. Thank you for your honest and insightful post. Yep, our minds certainly can be chat machines with all kinds of impish ideas, can’t they?

  2. Jeff Butts says:

    Your very welcome Charlene our minds are amazing yet they can be our worst enemies at times! Which Is why I’m so glad I have all my Am I Hungry tools ready! Thanks for your comments!

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