Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Movement – Listen to My Inner Wisdom

Charlene Rayburn

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woman indicating listenRecently I’ve been using the Body-Mind-Heart Scan to help me select what exercise I want to do that day. Like asking myself, “Am I Hungry?® ” when I have the urge to eat, I’ll ask myself “How does my body want to move today?” Then, I focus on my physical sensations and energy level.

A tired back may lead me to some yoga stretches. A rested body and higher energy level may inspire me for a cardio session. Residual stress from a busy week may prompt me to take a mindful walk in nature to help restore balance.

I also focus on my mind. What am I telling myself about exercise today? Am I thinking thoughts of dread or resistance? Then, what are my thoughts telling me I’d rather do? Watch a movie? Maybe, grabbing my MP3 player with an audio romance novel and taking a stroll through the neighborhood is a good choice. Or maybe a few simple body stretches to remind myself just how good movement feels when there are no “should or have tos” attached it.

I take into consideration my feelings as well. Anxious? Maybe a dance-style video, or a walk through the mall. Frustrated with a work challenge? Possibly a toning session with weights is just what I need to recapture my sense of power.

By listening to my inner wisdom rather than following a charted exercise routine, while staying aware of the benefits of balance, variety and moderation, I’m learning how to move how I love, and love how I move!

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