Thought-provoking, insightful, on the leading edge.

Regularly invited to speak at nationally recognized health promotion conferences, Rebecca is always well-received and highly rated.


Rebecca Johnson is an extremely engaging, organized, knowledgeable and succinct presenter. It is always a pleasure to listen to her presentations and hear and learn from her most informed and compassionate perspective.

Rebecca, overall there is something about your depth of knowledge, presentation style, and approach that really resonates with me. I just want to thank you for following your passion, clearly articulating the research, and inspiring me to improve on my own purpose of helping clients discover and embrace their authentic selves. I learned so much from you about tools and skills to help make this tangible vs. just theory-based.

This was by far one of the best sessions I have attended.  Would love to have Rebecca back to do more in depth session.

Wonderful session and transformative for me – identifying my eating patterns and what I can do to change my mindset and behaviors will help me to be more mindful!

Rebecca is a fabulous thought provoking and insightful presenter, on the leading edge of a true shift in how we manage health and “weight”. 

This was an informative, rich, and well-prepared presentation. Appreciated her passion and reenergized my interests! Thank you so much.

Rebecca is one of the best presenters you’ve had. I find her manner and thoughtfulness and expertise extremely useful and informative. Can’t say enough positive things about what I’ve learned from her. Thank you.

I thought Rebecca did a fantastic job. She was well organized, had meaningful and realistic examples for application, and was very well versed in her subject area. Thank you!

Excellent work and presentation! Rebecca is very open and receptive to questions and made great recommendations for additional resources.

This session was so beneficial both professionally and personally. Rebecca is a very good speaker and obviously knowledgeable with her topic.

Rebecca was incredible. Bring her back!

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