How to Deconstruct Overeating

December 31, 2019 / No Comments

In this video, Dr. May demonstrates how to use the Mindful Eating Cycle to deconstruct an overeating episode and figure out what to do differently next time.

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Instead of a tightrope, create a wide path to follow

December 30, 2019 / No Comments

Diets don’t lead to lasting changes. In this video, I'll show you how to use the Mindful Eating Cycle as a wide path you can follow instead!

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Dieting is like walking a tightrope

December 29, 2019 / No Comments

I secretly struggled with food. The problem wasn’t a lack of knowledge or willpower; I was on a tightrope of diet rules that I was bound to fall off!

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3 Question Survey about Mindful Eating

December 22, 2019 / No Comments

These interesting results to our survey about mindful eating reveal how much you know, your interest in learning more, and how you learn best.

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7 Tips for Guilt-Free Holiday Eating – the Mindful Way!

December 13, 2019 / No Comments

Tired of all those "tips for a guilt-free holiday eating"? Here are 7 tips for eliminating guilt the mindful way!

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The Power of the Pause: Body-Mind-Heart Scan

December 11, 2019 / 1 Comment

Before you eat, use the power of a pause to notice why you want to eat. Between your thoughts and actions is a gap that can move you out of autopilot.

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Why Workplace Weight Loss Contests are a Terrible Idea

November 14, 2019 / 2 Comments

Biggest loser weight loss contests at work are counterproductive to the company's and participants' mutual goals of improved health, productivity, and quality of life.

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How to Tell if You Are Hungry: Symptoms of Hunger

October 31, 2019 / 1 Comment

Do you sometimes confuse wanting to eat with needing to eat? If so, you may wonder, "How can you tell if you are hungry?" Learn the symptoms of hunger here!

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Halloween Candy and Kids: A Fearless Approach

October 31, 2019 / No Comments

When Halloween night is over, many parents are wondering, "How do I allow my kids enjoy their Halloween candy without eating too much?" The "food police" might have a very different answer for you, but here's a fearless approach to kids and Halloween candy.

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End emotional eating by decoding your triggers

October 12, 2019 / 7 Comments

Eating for emotional reasons is normal—we all do it! Food can be calming, comforting, and add pleasure to our lives, but your triggers for emotional eating can give you clues about how to meet your true needs.

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