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Mindful Eating in Corporate Wellness

By Rebecca Johnson

The concepts of mindfulness and mindful eating are growing rapidly in popularity in the general public as well as in corporate wellness.

Many well-known companies such as Apple, Google, and General Mills are offering mindfulness-based interventions to their employees to help them reduce stress, increase engagement and productivity, and improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. At the same time, as more organizations shift away from restrictive, weight-focused interventions, mindful eating in corporate wellness is increasingly recognized as a positive, powerful approach to optimal eating and health.

Despite the recent increase in awareness and popularity, mindful eating is still widely misunderstood and underutilized. Our recently published white paper, “Mindful Eating: A Practical Approach to Optimal Eating and Health,”  was written to clear up some of the confusion around mindful eating in corporate wellness. It provides a practical description of mindful eating, an explanation of how it may help individuals across the health spectrum, and a turnkey model for implementation in virtually any setting.

If you or your colleagues might benefit from a better understanding of mindful eating, please check out and share this complimentary white paper.



About the author

Rebecca Johnson is a leader in the health promotion industry with more than 20 years of experience in diverse roles. She is a licensed Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Program Facilitator and Coach and advocates for the use of mindfulness-based and weight-neutral programs in the workplace. Rebecca also serves as a consultant for organizations ready to leverage the power of organizational development and employee wellbeing to create truly thriving cultures.

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