Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Educational Webinar Series


From Weight to Well-being: An Emerging Paradigm Shift

A growing body of evidence supports that traditional weight-focused, “eat less, exercise more” interventions are ineffective and counterproductive. We explore the evidence in detail and discuss three key tenets of an emerging paradigm shift towards a more holistic approach to eating and health.


Mindful Eating: A New Paradigm Approach to Eating, Activity, and Self-Care

Mindful eating is a powerful approach to balanced eating and optimal health. Discover the evidence  – and learn about a decision-making model that helps health professionals learn and teach mindful eating in a practical way.

Powerful Conversations to Lead the Shift from Weight to Well-being

The evidence is clear that the weight-focused approach to health doesn’t create sustainable changes in weight or health – and may have counterproductive and harmful consequences. But data alone isn’t enough to shift the health promotion paradigm from weight to well-being. Health and wellness professionals need to be skilled at integrating evidence into powerful heartfelt conversations with clients, patients, colleagues, and organizational leaders. This 60-minute webinar offers guidance on how to craft powerful conversations that guide individuals and organizations away from ineffective weight-centric strategies toward a holistic, health-centric approach.

Mindful Eating: Adding Structure to a Flexible Approach

Mindful eating is growing rapidly in popularity because it offers a flexible, non-diet, user-centric approach. This flexibility can make it challenging for health professionals to clearly communicate mindful eating concepts to their clients, and for individuals to consistently apply the principles in their daily lives. In this webinar, we explore a practical model that adds structure to a flexible approach, debunk some common myths, and offer answers to commonly asked questions about mindful eating.

Well-being is a Skill – And Other Lessons Learned from Science

Over the past decade, intriguing research from the field of neuroscience has shed new light on our understanding of the influence of thoughts and emotions on well-being – and how mindfulness changes the brain in beneficial ways. Join us for a complimentary webinar to explore the role of emotional style in well-being. You’ll learn why emotional style matters and how simple forms of mindfulness and mental training can help us improve attention, outlook, and resilience to foster greater well-being from the inside out.

5 Surprising Ways We May Be Harming Our Employee’s Well-Being

As wellness professionals, we strive to improve the lives of employees and attempt to inspire them through healthy eating campaigns, weight loss efforts and exercise challenges. While our intentions are good, many of these traditional approaches may do more harm than good. In this webinar, Michelle May, MD discusses five ways we may be unintentionally hurting employee well-being. Dr. May will also provide effective alternatives to these harmful practices.

White Papers

Looking for this information in print? In addition to our webinar series, we’ve published a variety of white papers on these same topics. These visually appealing, easy-to-read papers are great resources to increase your knowledge and share with others. Download any of our complimentary white papers here.