Rebecca Johnson is a seasoned expert in health promotion with more than 20 years of experience. She has been influential in shifting the corporate wellness paradigm away from the conventional outside-in, “wellness or else” model towards toward a more holistic, inside-out approach. In her role with Am I Hungry? she advocates for and oversees the implementation of mindfulness-based and weight-neutral programs in corporate and community environments.

Over the course of her career, Rebecca has delivered more than 100 presentations and workshops on more than 25 topics related to well-being. She has created content for and delivered many lifestyle improvement programs and health professional trainings. She is the author of eight published well-being resources, including white papers, eBooks, and program workbooks.

Rebecca is regularly invited to speak at the top national health promotion conferences. She is recognized as a passionate and knowledgeable speaker who delivers her message with calm, clarity, and conviction. Whether she’s facilitating a workshop, leading a professional training, or delivering a keynote, Rebecca connects from the heart, inspires new thinking, and leaves her audience with a clear path for application in their professional and personal lives.

Rebecca lives on the West Coast of Florida with her two children, Sophia and Austin. When she’s not working, she enjoys bike rides and the beach with friends and family, listening to nerdy podcasts, and nurturing her plants and flowers.

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