Are you ready to lead the paradigm shift from weight to well-being?

We often hear from health and wellness professionals who are passionate about the need for a paradigm shift in the way we approach eating and health. Over and over again, we hear excitement and relief at the prospect of moving away from the conventional restrictive, weight-focused approach toward a non-diet, mindfulness-based, weight neutral approach. It’s exciting to see that the tide is finally turning! Many health professionals are interested in using mindful eating with their patients and clients – and some are already leading the way.

But old paradigms die hard. It’s one thing to fully believe in the power of mindful eating and weight-neutrality yourself … and quite another thing to get the masses on board with you. It takes patience, practice, and persistence – and it helps to have support from others.

That’s why we’ve put together this series of videos and resources – to offer those of you who are ready to adopt a non-diet, mindfulness-based, weight-neutral approach the support and structure you’ve been looking for.

Let’s Start with the Science.

The evidence is clear: The traditional weight-focused “eat less, exercise more” approach is not only ineffective at creating sustainable changes in weight or health for the majority – it’s actually counterproductive and can be harmful. To review the evidence, check out this video then download the white paper below.


Download Mindful Eating: Shifting the Focus from Weight to Well-being

A Practical New Paradigm Approach

While the evidence for a shift from weight to well-being is essential and valuable, we can’t rely on data alone. We also have to be able to communicate accurately and powerfully about new paradigm solutions and how they help.

Check out this next short video for more then download the white paper below.


Download Mindful Eating: A Practical Approach to Optimal Eating and Health

The Keys to Powerful Communication

Once you understand why NOT to keep doing the same old thing and have clarity on what to do instead, you may be ready to share this message with others. But information is almost never enough to change a deeply entrenched paradigm. If you want to help your clients, colleagues, your organizations, and even your friends and family members shift their thinking on eating, weight, and health, you’ll need something else…

You need to be able to effectively and powerfully share the message with others!

This means integrating your knowledge with powerful questions, active listening, and an intentional communication style that fosters trust and openness to new ideas.

That’s what this third video is about. Here I offer specific steps for sharing the new paradigm with a powerful conversational style. Check it out then download the guide below.


Download: A Powerful Conversations to Lead the Shift from Weight to Well-being

A Gift for You!

The resources we’ve offered here cover what you need to know to effectively help others change their thinking around eating, weight, and health. You now have easy-to-share evidence on why not to keep doing the same old thing. You have an understanding of a powerful and universal approach that addresses the root causes of problematic eating without the counterproductive and harmful consequences of the weight loss focus. And you have a powerful communication strategy for sharing the non-restrictive, mindfulness-based, weight-neutral message with others.

The fourth step in the Powerful Communication strategy is to offer alternatives. By now, you probably know that Am I Hungry? is a great alternative that you can bring to your clients, patients, colleagues, and organizations. We’ve been offering mindful eating services for over 17 years and have more programs, trainings, and implementation options than any other mindful eating provider.

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Learn more in this video! See the links below for more information.


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