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Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Lasting change is a process, not a resolution

Michelle May


As we wind down 2016, I hope you have much to celebrate!

I hope you are also thinking about meaningful changes you’d like to implement next year to make your life even more satisfying and vibrant! To help, in the last two posts, I talked about why most resolutions are doomed and how you can rewire your brain to create lasting change instead.

Today, I want to talk about a fundamental truth: Lasting change is a process, not a resolution.

I promised you a simple one-page guide that will help you set your intentions for the new year so download it now. These 7 Steps to Magnetic New Years Resolutions will draw you toward your goals!

Please share your resolutions below along with any questions you have about the process so far. And check out the next video which offers inspiration and support!

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12 thoughts on “Lasting change is a process, not a resolution”

  1. This year I need to make a real commitment to a healthier lifestyle… At64 years of age, it. Is now or never…

    1. I’ll bet this isn’t the first year you’ve made such a commitment! For most people, the commitment is there but as I said, change is process. Therefore, rather than thinking of this as “now or never,” how about “Now, I begin making small changes that I can sustain. I have the rest of my life to string these small changes together into a healthier lifestyle.” I know it seems counter-intuitive and that it won’t make a difference, but I would suggest that you start with the smallest, easiest change you can think of so you build your confidence. When that habit is firmly in place, add the next easiest change, and so on. So what might that first change be?

  2. I intend to exercise most days of the week and eat life giving foods most days of the week.. This will require mindful self care and I will need help!

    1. This is awesome Anna! There are several great things about your resolution: You have set an intention about what you want to do (rather than what to stop doing). You have some flexibility built in by using “most days of the week.” You are also identifying “mindful self-care” as your method – much better than trying to follow some rigid program! Now to refine your intention, begin to flesh out some initial exercise and food goals that are small, simple, and really do-able so you can gain momentum gradually – instead of the typical resolutions which start out strong and peter away to nothing. We’d love to help and support you!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement and blog. Mini goals for this week: classical stretch/ strength 25 minutes Sunday -Friday, Eat a heathy breakfast, include fruit in my day, Get my Eat What You Love by Dr May book out and re read!

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