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Have a Mindful Thanksgiving!

Michelle May


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to practice mindful eating, from choosing what you eat to what to do when you overdo it. Wishing you and yours a joyful and mindful Thanksgiving!

A Cornucopia of Mindful Eating Inspiration

Please enjoy this cornucopia of mindful eating inspiration.

What do you eat on Thanksgiving?

I finally answer a question I usually avoid, “What do you eat?” Here’s 48 hours of typical Thanksgiving eating and more important, how I make decisions about what I eat.

Read what Michelle eats…

Not Another “How To Cut 300 Calories From Your Thanksgiving Dinner” Article

Oh puleaaase! Not another “news” segment about how to cut 300 calories from your Thanksgiving dinner! Instead of focusing on what to eliminate from your meal, how about focusing on what to add?

Read more…

Food Gratitude Meditation

While a national holiday dedicated to thankfulness is wonderful, how would our lives change if we took a few moments to express gratitude every time we ate?

Read more and watch the video…

Eating Mindfully on Thanksgiving

This holiday season, experience maximal pleasure from all the wonderful food and special occasions. By eating mindfully you’ll enjoy this special holiday meal even more.

Read on for tips about mindful eating throughout the holidays.

What To Do When You Overdo It

You hear a lot about how to prevent overeating during the holidays but what do you do when you’ve overeaten anyway?

Read more…

May the good things in life be yours in abundance, not only at Thanksgiving, but throughout the coming year!

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