Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Happy Earth Day! Now DO something to celebrate…

Michelle May

Earth Day is a wonderful time to consider how the small changes you make have a big impact on our planet! Here are a few ways our family has become more mindful about our carbon footprint:

  • Fortunately, the city of Phoenix has a recycling program so we recycle more than we throw away
  • We use canvas bags for our groceries (I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences over the years so we have an eclectic collection!)
  • We collect all of our plastic wrappers, bread bags, etc. and return them to a bin at Frys grocery store for recycling
  • We rarely buy water bottles any more
  • We use reusable containers instead of plastic bags for lunches and leftovers
  • My husband started composting (I took too many science classes to go near it other than tossing our produce waste into a bowl!)
  • My next book, Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat will be Tree Neutral – which replants all trees consumed in the printing process, reducing the net effect of paper consumption on the environment
  • We just put a vegetable garden in a wasted strip of yard on the side of our house. Here is our first baby pepper!

CIMG5875 You can see more photos of our garden, read more about composting, and recipes at my daughter’s blog: www.VeggieTeensCookbook.com.

Gather your family and brainstorm ideas about small steps you can take then share what you came up with in the comments section below!

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