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Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Fitness in the workplace: Making time for exercise

Michelle May

I received an interesting question about fitness in the workplace from a reader:

 “I work in a fitness center but have a hard time walking away from my desk to actually exercise. Any tips to help me put it behind me for 60 minutes so I can focus on exercise and not the stuff on my desk? I’m desperate!”

GymMaking time for exercise is a common challenge–ironically, even when you work at a fitness center! But you know what they say about the shoes of the cobbler’s children…

Here are a few ideas that I had for her; I’d love to hear yours too!

  1. Most importantly, set boundaries with your boss and yourself so time for exercise becomes a
    priority. Ultimately, making the time (it won’t just appear!) to exercise makes you more productive, healthy, and cheerful. Not only are you a better employee when you exercise regularly, your health care costs are lower too.
  2. Sit on a large exercise ball at your desk. It strengthens your core while you sit and it’s easy to roll around on it for stretches and sit-ups.
  3. Ask your boss if they would consider purchasing a treadmill desk for you. I’ve seen them used very effectively in some workplaces, for example, General Mills. You can’t walk fast but at least you are moving! (Make the case to your boss that you are setting an example for other gym members!)
  4. Take 5-10 minute movement breaks; walk, strength train, stretch, etc. This will keep you energized and fresh.
  5. Come in early or work-out after work.
  6. Offer to do “quality assurance” and “customer relationship building” by trying different classes, teachers, personal trainers, and equipment. Write up short reports to provide to your boss.

What other ideas do you all have for making time to work-out at work (even if you don’t work in a gym)?

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