Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Emotional Stages of Saying Goodbye to Dieting

Charlene Rayburn

The mindful eating practices that I’ve learned through Am I Hungry? have been so healing for me. Through them curing continues to take place for the physical, emotional and spiritual damage that occurred while dieting. As with other healings that have occurred in my life, I’ve experienced a series of emotional stages throughout the process.

woman african american afraidFor example, at first, I felt confused, uncertain, afraid and found it somewhat hard to believe that I really could “eat what I love, and love what I eat” and support my health goals at the same time. Plus, the opposing media messages are so prevalent it took some time to sort through the falsehoods.

I was also mad that I’d been blatantly misinformed, not only by the media but by health professionals. I recognize that not all of them do so intentionally, and that they themselves are caught in the web of deception. But I must admit, I still feel twinges of anger and disappointment when I see and hear the lies continuing and know that so many people still believe them.

Then, I felt elated once I really started to understand the freedom, peace, and wholeness that is genuinely possible.

Now, I’ve settled into a place of continual gratitude. It is such a lovely place to dwell. Every single day I appreciate the abundance of life-supporting foods that are available to me, my miraculous physical senses (sight, smell, taste, etc.) that offer me the opportunity to enjoy every bite, the pure joy of movement, and the beauty of this natural path to optimal health.

I also feel determined. I’m committed to promoting Am I Hungry? and letting others know about the healing that is available to them, and supporting them in their journey to wholeness.

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