Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

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Mindful Eating Coaching

Experience the Power of Mindful Eating Coaching Are you stuck in an eat-repent-repeat cycle? Do you feel like you’ve struggled with the same eating challenges for years? Is it finally time to take action to heal your relationship with food and your body? Mindful Eating Coaching will help you get unstuck! Whether you’re new to …

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How can I bring Am I Hungry? to my organization?

Am I Hungry? for organizations delves far beyond the obvious advice of “eat less, exercise more”! Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Programs for Workplace Wellness focus on changing beliefs, thoughts, and feelings first, so changes in behaviors will last! This non-diet, weight-neutral, mindfulness-based approach frees participants from the restrictive and consuming strategies promoted by most conventional …

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Vibrant Well-Being Retreat

Retreat from your busy life to care for yourself! Where do you go to practice self-care skills and recharge yourself? When do you take a break to focus on yourself for a change? And what do you do if you’ve struggled with mindless or emotional eating, irregular physical activity, and/or inconsistent self-care? The Vibrant Well-Being …

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Am I Hungry Tanzania Retreat

Am I Hungry? Tanzania Adventure

Mindful Eating and Safari in Africa! If you are craving an adventure, this trip is for you! After two years of pandemic delays, we are VERY excited to finalize our incredible trip to Tanzania! This adventure includes 3 days in Arusha, Tanzania where you will experience 2 days of eye-opening Mindful Eating Workshops led by …

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How Can Mindful Eating Help Me?

If you’ve struggled with food and eating, you may wonder, can mindful eating help me? The short answer is yes! If you’ve tried one diet after another you may feel skeptical, but remember mindful eating is not a diet! Mindful eating will help you make conscious choices without guilt or feeling out of control. So, …

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United Arab Emirates

Am I Hungry? is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)! Find a Mindful Eating Program near you! To find an Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshop, Facilitator, or coach in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, visit this site and enter enter “Dubai”, “UAE”, or “United Arab Emirates”. We also will gladly ship any of our books …

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About Dr. Michelle May

Dr. May is a voice of reason in a food-abundant, diet-crazed world. “Diets are restrictive and unsustainable, leaving the dieter feeling guilty and disappointed. My goal is to help people recognize and cope with their triggers for mindless and emotional overeating, rediscover joy in physical activity, and effectively nourish their body, mind, heart, and spirit.”-Michelle …

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