Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Eating Out? Please yourself, not your waitress

Michelle May

Restaurant2My husband and I went out to dinner Friday to celebrate our newly empty nest. We had a gift card for one of our favorite steakhouses. We were served delicious hot bread with two kinds of flavored butters, prompting our little game of “guess the ingredients.”

We had fun ordering wine from their extensive menu on an iPad. Our waitress then asked if we wanted to order appetizers and seemed a little disappointed that we said, “No thanks, this great bread will do.” I wondered if she thought we were “cheap.”

We were both in the mood for steak, their specialty. We noticed a new section on the menu – “Small Plates.” The sliced Filet Mignon with Mushroom Risotto sounded perfect for me. They also had a “Lite Filet” and their regular Filet Mignon. When we asked about the portion sizes of these items, she explained that the small plate was an appetizer portion of 4 ounces of steak; the lite filet was 6 ounces and served with a half portion of their famous potatoes; the regular filet was 8 ounces but the sides needed to be ordered separately and each served two. I ordered the small plate and my husband ordered the Lite Filet. We declined her offer to order additional sides but I felt like I needed to explain, “We are saving room to share a Molten Lava Cake for dessert.” (We call that co-ordering and co-eating!)

The meal was amazing from beginning to end (and yes, we did order the lava cake!). When I finished I felt comfortably full and completely content. I commented to the waitress that it was hard to believe that anyone could eat bread, appetizers, a full-sized steak, side dishes, and their own dessert (plus wine) and not feel miserable when they were done. She said, “I know! I don’t understand it either but people do it all the time!”

All of her prompting was just part of her training and a great way to boost the bill for a bigger tip and has nothing to do with how much I need to eat – or even how much she thought I should!

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