Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

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Michelle May

Michelle and Sara Living in the Moment in UtahI put up with a right shoulder “project” for eight months before having an MRI. It clearly showed that I need to have rotator cuff surgery but I was able to postpone it until I could wrap up several speaking engagements and a retreat. (This is me hiking and living in the moment this week with one of our Am I Hungry? Facilitators, Sara, at our Eat Mindfully, Live Vibrantly Retreat in Utah. By the way, Sara is almost 75!)

While I was initially tempted to just “get through it,” I’ve decided to find the gift instead. For example, I’ve been talking about recording short videos about mindful eating for a LONG time. I’ve had a lot of “excuses” for not doing it. (Maybe you have something like that in your life too…just saying.) Since I will be in an immobilizer for 6-12 weeks making it difficult to type, this is the perfect opportunity to finally start. (Please visit our Am I Hungry? Facebook page in a couple of weeks to post a question that you’d like me to answer on video!)

I also decided that instead of putting my speaking calendar on hold (other than when my husband can travel with me), I will offer webinars instead. Contact us if you want to take advantage of our Grounded Sale!

The point is that although I don’t really have a choice about surgery, I have a choice about how I will deal with it. I choose to discover the gift.

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