Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Corporate Workshop Orders

For Licensed Am I Hungry?® Facilitators ONLY


This page is intended for Am I Hungry? Facilitators who provide workshops in a corporate setting where a third party, referred to hereafter as “Client,” (for example, your employer, a corporate client, a health plan) will be paying the Participant Fee. (Please contact us at training@amihungry.com for situations when the Participants in a corporate workshop pay their own fees.) This process has the added benefit of allowing you to order an inventory of workshop materials to avoid the last minute rush orders and shipments that are common in corporate settings.


By completing the form in the sidebar to order inventory, you will be setting yourself up in our Corporate Workshop Orders system. Using the exact process below, you will be able to place an order for workshop materials to keep in your inventory and let us know who the invoice for payment should be directed to after your workshop starts.

Your Responsibility

In accordance with your Am I Hungry? Facilitator Licensing Agreement, you are responsible for ensuring that Am I Hungry? is paid a Participant Fee for each workshop participant and that all of your inventory is paid for. If for ANY reason, your Client does not pay the invoice, you are responsible for assisting Am I Hungry? by directing the invoice to a different person or for paying the invoice yourself.


Please follow the Corporate Workshop Orders process exactly as outlined below.

  1. Ensure that you are eligible and willing to participate in this process. If you are conducting Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshops in situations where a third party (Client) will pay the Participant Fees, you may order inventory well in advance of your workshops. By placing an order, you agree that you are responsible for that inventory, including contacting us if you do not receive your order within one week, checking the inventory to ensure there was no significant damage during shipping, storing the inventory in a clean, dry, protected place, responding to our queries about your stock on hand, communicating workshop and invoicing instructions with us in a timely fashion (see below), and paying for invoices and inventory that are not paid for by a third party, no matter what the circumstances.
  2. Order inventory. By ensuring that you can meet the needs of your Client, you and Am I Hungry? will exhibit professionalism and efficiency. Therefore, please order sufficient inventory well in advance of your workshops (at least 2 weeks but up to three months, depending on your situation). It is preferable to overestimate your need than underestimate, since you can keep the inventory on hand for a future workshop (within reasonable limits). Remember, this process is designed to eliminate the cost and stress of last minute rush orders.You must order in increments of 10. There will be no upfront charge to you for placing an order for inventory but each set is valued at $50 (including shipping and handling) and that is the price that will be charged to your Client (and the price you are responsible for if your client does not pay in a timely fashion).  Please complete the form to place an order for inventory (in increments of TEN).
  3. Submit an Invoice Request. At the conclusion of Workshop 2 (or sooner if you are certain of the final participant count), please submit an invoice request to us. You will need to provide the following information (accuracy is essential!):
    • Your name
    • Your company name (if applicable)
    • Workshop start date
    • Number of participants (your client will be charged $50 for each participant)
    • Client company name and full mailing address (this might be the same as your company name if you are an employee)
    • Client contact name, email, and phone
    • Purchase Order Number (from the Client, if needed)

    When we receive your Invoice Request, we will send an email to your Client contact with a copy of their invoice and payment instructions (see below). You will be cc’d on the email; please check the invoice and notify us immediately if any corrections are needed.
    Please click here to submit an Invoice Request.

  4. Follow-Up: Ensure that your Client has received and paid the invoice. Your Client contact will receive an email with their invoice ($50 per participant) and payment instructions stating that the payment to Am I Hungry? is Due Upon Receipt and Past Due in 30 days. They may pay by check or credit card. There will be a link to pay by credit card in the email instructions. Please remind them to watch for that email and pay the invoice upon receipt. Please confirm that your Client has received then paid the invoice by Workshop 6.
  5. Questions? Please email training@amihungry.com.