For Licensed Am I Hungry?® Facilitators ONLY

(Please first review the full process on the Corporate Workshop Order page)

Purpose: This page allows you to request that an invoice be sent to a third party, hereafter referred to as “Client” (for example, your employer, a corporate client, or a health plan), for your workshop Participant Fees. This does not apply to individual participants paying their own fees; please email if you have that situation.

Details: Complete the Invoice Request Form below to provide the details about your workshop and client so we can send an invoice and instructions.

Your Responsibility: In accordance with your Am I Hungry?® Facilitator Licensing Agreement, you are responsible for ensuring that Am I Hungry?® is paid a Participant Fee for each workshop participant. If for ANY reason your Client does not pay the invoice, you are responsible for assisting Am I Hungry?® by directing the invoice to a different person or for paying the invoice yourself.

Process: Please follow the Invoice Request process exactly as outlined below.

  1. Ensure that you are eligible and willing to participate in this process. If you are conducting Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshops in situations where a third party (Client) will pay the Participant Fees, you may request that your Client receive an invoice for the Participant Fee ($45) for each participant in your workshop. You agree that you are responsible for communicating workshop and invoicing instructions to us in a timely fashion (see below), and paying for invoices that are not paid for by a third party, no matter what the circumstances.
  2. Order inventory in advance. See the Corporate Workshop Order page.
  3. Obtain Client billing information. When you set up a Workshop with a new Client, be sure to get billing details (as requested in the form below) in advance so you can fully and accurately complete the form below in a timely fashion. Be aware that different organizations have different processes that you must follow. For example, some will require you to use a reference number called a “Purchase Order Number” so they can tie it to their records. Others require you to send the invoice to their Accounts Receivable Department rather than your direct contact. Just be sure you understand their process and provide accurate information to us.
  4. Submit an Invoice Request. At the conclusion of Workshop 2 (or sooner if you are certain of the final participant count), please submit an Invoice Request to us using the form below.
  5. We’ll send an Invoice on your behalf. Your Client contact will receive an email from us with their invoice for $45 per participant and payment instructions stating that the payment to Am I Hungry? is Due Upon Receipt and Past Due in 30 days. They may pay by check or credit card. There will be a link to pay by credit card in the email instructions.
  6. Check the Invoice. We will send a copy of the invoice and payment instructions to you when we we send it to your Client. Please check the invoice and notify us immediately if any corrections are needed.
  7. Notify your Client. Please remind your client to watch for the email and pay the invoice upon receipt. Please check with your client to be sure that they have received their invoice by Workshop 3 or 4.
  8. Ensure that your Client has paid the invoice. Please confirm that your Client has paid the invoice by Workshop 6. Identify and resolve any issues prior to the conclusion of your workshop.
  9. Questions? Please email