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Six Steps to Unconditional Self-Acceptance

Michelle May


Love-yourself-unconditionally - smDo you struggle with self-acceptance? Many people waste a tremendous amount of energy beating themselves up and trying to be something different—energy that could otherwise be poured into building healthy relationships, accomplishing other meaningful goals, or simply enjoying life.

Start with these six steps to unconditional self-acceptance instead.

Self-Acceptance Step 1: Notice Your Self-Talk

Is your habit to compare, judge, and criticize yourself? Do you struggle with loving – or even accepting yourself as you are? Awareness of these habits is the starting line for change.

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Self-Acceptance Step 2: Accept Yourself As You Are Right Now

While there may be things you wish to change, it’s important to accept yourself as you are and love yourself unconditionally first—no strings attached.

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Self-Acceptance Step 3: Get to Know Yourself Better

No matter how closely your body conforms (or doesn’t conform) to the cultural ideal, you are more than a body! Dig deep and really get to know the person you spend the most time with…YOU!

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Self-Acceptance Step 4: Get Connected

Your body gives you a constant stream of information about what it needs. Becoming curious about your body’s signals and needs will transform your relationship with your body into a partnership.

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Self-Acceptance Step 5: Nurture Your Body

Honor your true needs by taking steps to nurture your body. Care for yourself because you love and accept yourself, not so you’ll love and accept yourself.

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Self-Acceptance Step 6: Live the Big, Vibrant Life You Crave Today!

Instead of putting your life on hold until you reach some arbitrary definition of beauty or success, remind yourself that this is your life and you deserve to live it fully today.

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