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Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Seven Gifts for the Love of Your Life: YOU!

Michelle May

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Be Your Valentine

I’m all for exchanging roses, chocolates, and cards with the people we love – but what are you doing for the love of your life – YOU?

Pause…notice whether that question made you uncomfortable. If so, why?

  • Do you feel undeserving?
  • Do you feel unimportant?
  • Do you tend to put yourself last?
  • Did somebody tell you that it was wrong to love yourself?
  • Are you waiting until you achieve some arbitrary goal first?
  • Are you afraid that if you accept yourself as you are, you won’t be motivated to make changes?

These are just lies that undermine the most important relationship you’ll ever have – your relationship with yourself. When self-love is lacking, self-care is usually lacking too. That leaves a bottomless pit that can’t be filled with food – or anything or anybody else.

Valentine’s Week Make-over

Ready for a relationship makeover? Here are seven gifts to give yourself over the next seven days. By Valentine’s Day, the love of your life will know exactly how you feel!

  1.  Love – Your first gift to yourself is unconditional love. This means that you love and accept yourself as you are, no caveats, no “excepts” or “whens” or “buts.” Write yourself “love” notes and place them on your mirror, computer, nightstand, or where ever you’ll see them and remember that you are loveable.
  2. Nurture – Do something wonderful for yourself! Treat yourself to a long bath, a massage, a movie – whatever will show you how much you care.
  3. Nourish – Treat yourself to a nourishing, delicious meal. Choose an interesting recipe and purchase fresh, beautiful ingredients that you’ll lovingly combine for your special guest – you! (Of course, if you prefer, you can take yourself out instead.) Enjoy your lovely meal without any distractions and be good company for yourself.
  4. Move – Take yourself out for a long walk, turn up the music and dance, or try that yoga class you’ve been thinking about. Be grateful for the amazing body that has carried you through all of these years. Love it and it will love you back.
  5. Trust – Buy yourself two or three pieces of the best chocolates you can afford. Trust yourself to eat them in a way that brings you joy and pleasure. And if you overdo it, trust your body to let you know it.
  6. Inspire – Inspire yourself with a great book, beautiful music, a breathtaking view, or whatever reminds you just how lucky you are to be alive to experience it.
  7. Excite – Don’t allow your relationship to stagnate. Be brave and do something big that makes your heart pound a little. Stretch yourself beyond your boundaries: sign up for that class, plan that trip, take that risk…what are you waiting for?

You are not perfect. Get over it.

But you ARE loveable, deserving, important, and beautiful just the way you are! If there is something about yourself or your life you’d like to change, do it because you love yourself, not so you’ll love yourself.


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