Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Rollercoaster or GPS? Take our Eating Cycle Quiz to find out

Michelle May

Do you know which eating cycle you’re in?Roller Coaster Track

For the first few weeks of every new year, we get numerous phone calls that go something like this:

“Am I Hungry…how can I help you?”

“Can you tell me about your services?”

Inner sigh. After working in this field for ten years, I know that “Can you tell me about your services” means the caller doesn’t know anything about Am I Hungry? They just found us in the local phone book under “weight management” when they were looking for diet pills, shots, meal replacements, or some other quick fix for their New Years’ resolution.

The excitement of a fresh start has caused them to forget that they are on an old rollercoaster beginning a familiar uphill climb.

Perhaps you’ve made a similar call; I know I have. The marketing dollars spent on New Year’s ads tempting us to try the latest fad (or to repeat an old diet that now claims it’s not a diet) could put a serious dent in world hunger. Oh the irony!

As much as I’d like to help these callers, throwing their money at the problem won’t solve it. Until they recognize their own eating cycles and realize that it’s possible to get off the rollercoaster, they’ll stay strapped on that ride for the rest of their lives.

What about you? Even though all the ads tell you they can get you “back on track,” do you really want to go around again? You can hope it will be different this time but this rollercoaster STILL has an unavoidable downward spiral just over that steep hill.

Is Your GPS Turned Off?

We are each born with an internal “GPS”Driving that guides us to eat when we’re hungry, stop when we’re full, eat what we love, and love what we eat – without thinking about food constantly in between.

Most people who struggle with chronic dieting and/or overeating don’t even know they have a GPS – or they think theirs is permanently broken.

You still have your GPS; it’s just turned off. You simply need to relearn how to operate it again.

Just Step Back and Take a LookHilly Road

Instead of getting back on that rollercoaster, take our new Eating Cycle Quiz to give you a fresh perspective as you set your course for 2010 and beyond.

Believe me. . . you CAN learn how to trust your internal GPS to guide you along. You’ll discover that it is possible to enjoy the journey, manuever through unexpected obstacles, and find yourself exactly where you’ve always dreamed you could be!

Wishing you great health, peace, and joy!


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