Not Another “How to Trim 300 Calories from Your Thanksgiving Dinner” Article

By Michelle May, M.D.

Oh puleaaase! Not another “news” segment about how to cut 300 calories from your Thanksgiving dinner! Instead of focusing on what to eliminate, how about focusing on what to add to your meal.

(I know you’re busy so here’s some quick food for thought with links to past articles if you want to read more.)remember its just turkey

What to ADD to Your Thanksgiving Meal

Gratitude: While a national holiday dedicated to thankfulness is wonderful, how would our lives change if we took a few moments to express gratitude every time we ate? (Read Thankful for Food: The Great Connector)

Conscious choice: Quality trumps quantity every time. There’s so much wonderful food, why bother eating foods that are just so-so? (Read A Foodie’s Guide to Holiday Eating)

Intention: Eat with the intention of feeling better when you’re done than you did when you started. Pleasure subtly diminishes with each bite while the potential for discomfort gradually increases. Can you eat mindfully enough to stop eating before you cross over that fine line?

Attention: Eat with full attention so you bring optimal pleasure to every bite. (Learn how: Sensuous Eating)

Awareness: If you overeat, don’t miss the lesson! (Read What to Do When You Overdo It)

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving full of gratitude!


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