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Mindful Eating on Vacation – Ask Am I Hungry?

Michelle May


In this #AskAmIHungry episode, Dr. Michelle May talks about the differences between the usual “vacation mindset” and the Mindful Eating on Vacation mindset!

Mindful Eating Question: “I gain five pounds every time we go on vacation, so I’m on a diet until we leave. What can I do differently?”

This is yet another great example of why diets are so ineffective; you are either on your diet or off your diet!

On the other hand, you never need to take a vacation from mindful eating!

So how do you enjoy a vacation without counting everything you eat or “blowing it”? The solution is to shift your thinking from a Vacation Mindset (VM) to a Mindful Eating on Vacation (MEV) mindset. Let’s compare the difference.

#AskAmIHungry Video Transcript:

Vacation Mindset: I’m on vacation so I’m going to eat as much as I want.

Mindful Eating on Vacation: I’m on vacation so I’m going to eat as much as I want that leaves me feeling good, so I can enjoy all our activities.


Vacation Mindset: I dieted before vacation and I’ll go back on my diet when I get home to lose what I gain. I better enjoy eating while I can.

Mindful Eating on Vacation: I eat what I love and love what I eat every day, so there’s no feast or famine.


Vacation Mindset: Food is everywhere all the time, so I can eat constantly.

Mindful Eating on Vacation: Food is everywhere all the time so I can choose to wait to eat until I’m actually hungry.


Vacation Mindset: There are so many great restaurants and foods to try! I’m going to try everything.

Mindful Eating on Vacation: There are so many great restaurants and foods to try! I can afford to be selective about what I use my hunger for.


Vacation Mindset (VM): The food is amazing!

Mindful Eating on Vacation (MEV): Some of the food is amazing. When it isn’t, I don’t bother with more than a bite.


VM: I don’t want to miss out on anything.

MEV: Opportunities to eat just keep showing up so there’s no need to worry about missing out on anything.


VM: I’m not going to worry about what I eat this week.

MEV: I eat to meet my needs for nourishment and enjoyment no matter where I am.


VM: I have to get my money’s worth.

MEV: I get my money’s worth when I eat exactly what I need. More than that is a waste of food and makes me feel uncomfortable.


VM: I’m on vacation so I’m going to splurge.

MEV: I’m on vacation so I’m going to enjoy some new foods and new activities.


VM: I’m going to eat until I’m unconscious.

MEV: I’m going to eat until I feel content, then I’m going to relax with a good book and maybe enjoy a nap.


VM: I’ll eat until I’m stuffed tonight but I’ll hit the gym to make up for it tomorrow.

MEV: I’ll eat until I’m comfortable tonight. Maybe I’ll check out the gym tomorrow.


VM: I’m on vacation! Why exercise?

MEV: I’m on vacation! Why exercise, when I can swim, walk on the beach, dance, hike, go sightseeing, kayak, play golf or tennis…


VM: I know I’ll gain five pounds.

MEV: I know I’ll enjoy an abundance of wonderful food and come home feeling great!


Of course, even when you aren’t on vacation, mindful eating helps in any situation where there’s an abundance of food—in other words, every other day of your life!

This article has been updated from a previously published version.

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