Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Create a mindfulness retreat at home

Michelle May

FreeTreatDo you wish you could join us for the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating and Vibrant Living Retreat? We do too!*

We’ve put together a FreeTreat – a stay-at-home retreat experience to help you de-stress, learn and practice new mindfulness skills, and treat yourself to a multisensory self-care experience.

Join us for a FreeTreat

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start your first FreeTreat experience with “Create Self-Care Space” using the outline below.
  2. Download the complimentary e-book Am I Hungry? FreeTreat: A Week of Mindfulness and Self-Care for the rest of the retreat activities (ignore the credit card info unless you are also purchasing something else)
  3. Invite friends or family members to join you (if you want) and have them download the packet too. Most activities can be done on your own (and some should; you’ll see what we mean!) but it’s nice to have someone to connect with.
  4. At the end of the packet, you’ll receive a nice bonus to reward you for taking time for yourself!

Activity 1: Create Self-Care Space

One advantage of a retreat-at-home is that you don’t have to leave home. That’s also one of the greatest disadvantages. At home, it’s easy to allow distractions, disruptions, busyness, and even doubt get in the way of creating the necessary time and space for your retreat.

IAmWorthItMake Yourself a Priority

In order to commit to your retreat, you’ll need to first establish the mindset of “It’s worth it!” If you’re not already convinced of the value of doing a retreat, make a list of the potential benefits. Perhaps more important, you have to decide “I’m worth it!” Only then will you give yourself permission to invest the time and energy when other priorities compete for your attention.

Create Time

Schedule a time in your calendar or planner for a self-care date with yourself. An hour each day would be perfect. Protect the time carefully. Remind yourself that if you had gone away for your retreat, you’d have all day-so an hour isn’t asking too much!

Create SpacePersonalSpace

The purpose of this activity is to create a space for yourself that nourishes calmness, creativity, and connection.

  • First walk slowly around your home and yard and see it with “beginner’s mind,” as though you’ve never been in this space before. Beginner’s mind allows you to see new possibilities. As you notice judgments arise, acknowledge them then move on.
  • Notice areas in your home that could be repurposed to create your self-care space. Stay open as you identify as many spaces as possible without ruling anything out. These might include rooms, entry ways, corners, patios, gardens, and workshops.
  • Keep your eyes out for comfy chairs, floor pillows, small tables and other surfaces, lighting, attractive containers and other items that might help you create a pleasant, functional space.
  • Take a break to let your subconscious mind work out the details-simply do something else for a while-take a walk, meditate, or even sleep on it.
  • Now choose your retreat space and a comfy place to sit. Add items that are calming, pleasing, and inspiring. Ideas: pictures of happy moments in your life, flowers or a plant, candles, vacation souvenirs, or anything that makes you go “ahhhh.”
  • Ideally, this space is a food-free zone that you can escape to whenever you feel like eating but you aren’t hungry (water, tea, or coffee are fine).
  • You can relax, journal, read, meditate, write, or anything your heart desires in this space.
  • Create a Self-Care Kit to keep your “redirection activities” ready and handy. (See FreeTreat e-book for details.)

P.S. PLEASE pass this on to friends and family!


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