Mindful Eating Programs and Training

Mindful Eating Programs and Training

A Love Letter to Myself

Michelle May

I know that title sounds corny. I hesitated to write it but I did it anyway because I had subjected myself to 25 years of dieting fueled by distrust and rejection of my Self. I felt I owed myself a love letter – and on Valentine’s Day, we can get away with being a little corny!

LoveNoteMyselfAs you may have noticed, distrust and rejection of yourself only breeds deprivation, restriction, obsession, and guilt. The belief that certain foods were “bad” and that I was “bad” for eating them kept me trapped in a vicious cycle. Focusing on calories, points, and pounds only distracted me from living my life fully.

The worst part is that many of us have been convinced that this is the only way and that we somehow deserve a life focused on what we eat instead of living our lives.

I am so over that.

Along my personal journey, I learned that self-acceptance breeds self-care. On my professional journey, I teach people how to trust, listen, and love themselves again. That is the only path to freedom!

I had decided to write a Love Letter to Myself for Valentine’s Day but when I started it with “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” it turned out to be a “how to love myself” letter based on the many lessons I’ve learned and now teach.

I am sharing it with you today on Valentine’s Day with the sincere hope that you will read it, print it, share it, and reread it as a reminder to love your Self gently, compassionately, mindfully, and persistently.

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